Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Okay, dah tak sentap sangat...
but, more of sedih and disappointed.

My baju nikah yang telah dihantar pada dia since end of April kelmarin,
masih tak nampak bayang.
Not even a bit!
kali postpone the meet-ups. Ok, Diah did warned me pasal baju siap lambat...
I was prepared for that.
But not 10th January 2010 for my 1st fitting!!!!!!!!

20 days away from the actual date?
kau gile ke, hape????

I pun boleh gile la cam ni.
You pissed me off!
After this 3rd time- of excuses...
you texted me without rasa guilty pun.

Aku nak nikah sekali je seumur hidup la..
bukan tiap2 tahun macam hari raya.

But, after consultation with Diah (his previous client),
I think I'll wait.
I think laaa. tak tau nak buat ape.
Rasa bodoh sekejap.

Fine. 10th January- it is.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ulang tahun :)

Happy 1st Anniversary to us

Lama dah.
But, I think, it's happening too fast!
The unplanned merisik & engagement last year-
it was wayyy out of my plan for last year!
I thought, I nak lari, pi sambung PhD- somewhere over the seas ke...
Jadi la, another Korean drama. :D

(if you tak propose by this year laa. nasib baik you cepat bertindak. last year. hahah)

But, it'll only be another month to go to our wedding.
Banyak benda belum siap. Untouched!
I've landed on some ad-hoc work at the moment.
Hectic, it is. But, Mak said, rezeki nak kawin kot~

Happy 1st Anniversary Mister!
It has been one hectic and wonderful year with you! :)
Yep, you drive me crazy at times.
But, you were there.. keeping my feet on the ground.
You've helped me a lot.
Through the ups and downs.
With your silly jokes & funny faces-
although, sometimes... I rasa cam nak tampa you laju2.
But, you've made your way with me.

We've so many anniversary to celebrate.
The 1st time we met~ 25th June 1998
So-called-official-relationship~ 31st March 2000
Broke up in January 2005, and made up- February 2006
We got engaged last year.
Huh, banyak sangat dates.

Lepas ni, we'll stick to our wedding anniversary je la yeh? :D
Yang lain, just consider it as a bonus.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photographers and Photography

Note: This is a very long entry.
So, just bare with it! :p

Photography is one of the most crucial item in a wedding these days. We simply hire the professionals to do their job. And, I have searched high and low for the photographer/s for my upcoming wedding. Though the CS's team have stole my heart but, to hire them for three events- in Melaka; would definitely cost a bomb. Tak mampu okeh! Especially if I'd want the senior photographers and above' :p But, to those who have money allocations for it, please hire them! Hehe :D

I've started doing research ever since my engagement last year. I have put their names in 'the-list' since. Seven to six months prior the wedding, I have started contacting them; asking for quotations. But, you can do much sooner than that! Heheh. Then, I'd arrange for an appointment to meet them up- personally and see their work before hand.

Then, I have another photographers in my 'short-listed-list'. I've posted about them sometimes ago but, unfortunately... They don't seems to please me. Ye, kerja mereka bagus, for me la... but, me and Mr Fiance find it hard to deal with people whom always find excuses and delaying our appointments. Sorang tu, I had a hard time fixing a meet-up session in the first place! He simply texted me few weeks AFTER I've set an appointment with him. Boleh? He got back to me, weeks after.... Just imagine, how am I suppose to work with these people? I do respect his time but, he should respect mine too... kan? Kalau dah lama sangat baru nak response, I pun dah loose my interest. What a turn off!

Another one, I seriously LOVE his work! price dia pun not bad at all! The first meeting went very well! He has so much to offer with a very good price bargain. I knew he'd be THE ONE. But, not after when I asked for a negotiation in its pricing and conditions. He simple NEVER got back to me since! Salah sangat ke, if I asked for some negotiations? And, he never get back to me with his full and official quotation as he had promised earlier! I have made a few attempts untuk bertanya but, he just kept quiet. So, I had to chuck him out of my list too!

So, moving onto this photographer; Shazli. I've made an attempt to meet him up; to see the albums he produced. First time nampak, I thought... 'Abang ni garang!' hehe :p But, he's an easy going and a very nice guy despite of, muka garang! Heheh. Anyway, he had offered just about the same price as the second photographer that I've mentioned. (with the same output- album size, number of albums, etc). BUT! he had also suggested that we can reduce the cost by producing lesser output. (Smaller albums options). But, he was the one whom I'd find it easy to work with! What's more?! He's always there to give us good options and bargains!

Source: Shazli Photography's FB

No, I'm not here to promote him (directly) heee :P but, I just wanna share with you how I've come to decide him to be my wedding photographer- for the whole three events! :) I'd say that we have chosen him because of his personality. The humbleness and the work. But, I'd say that his street-photography is the best! So, am trying to work on his pro's and specialty ;). Tapi, dah la dia charge murah, and last week... he had offered me and Mr Fiance for a FREE pre- wedding photo shoot! Something that I've never planned. Suke gile okeh! Sapa tak suka free- stuffs? :P We'll definitely take the opportunity because I think that we'll need to be more familiar with him and his camera! haha. :D

So, choose wisely folks! If you have the opportunity to splurge on a photographer, you may do so. Get those with good testimonials & work pieces la. I personally love CS and Nurul Shuhaimi, Anna Rina, Hafiz Ismail, Shahrin Aziz. But on the other hand, there are also loads of other talented and great photographers who can work within your budget AND yet, able to deliver great work, being humble and funny like Abang Shazli. Haha (Abang leh kasi extra output untuk promosi free ni ok!) :D hee.

Till then, later folks! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I need help!

After some thoughts, we have decided to go on a local honeymoon trip instead of elsewhere. Although, the Bali package is cheaper and sangat mengiurkan but, ramai tak kasi pergi with the reason of, Mother Nature ain't doing well there. :p
And, despite of the keinginan yang megila for us to have a Euro trip, we have to put it aside too because, I am currently unemployed. Hahaha.

So, now....
me and Mr Fiance are planning to go to Sabah for our honeymoon trip.
(but, not Sipadan or Semporna at the moment. It's totally out of our budget! Hee)

pic from here

So, my dear friends....

I really and seriously need some recommendations on the accommodations part. We've browsed through Air Asia's Go Holiday packages and Mr Fiance said, mungkin tak de beza sangat if we book the place on our own.
suggestion ke kawan- kawan- on how to make the best & cheapest deal? :p

By the way, through the Go-Holiday recommendations, we are very much interested into; Shangri- La's Tanjung Aru and Nexus, Karambunai for the beach-y and romantic feeling. Hehehe :D
(Mungkin boleh buat larian di tepian pantai & re-do the video clip untuk lagu Kak Nita & Sudirman- Bercanda di Pasiran Pantai?? hee)

But, kalau dalam town pun okay kot...
we are also considering Hyatt and Le Meridien into our honeymoon trip- list.

So, which one would you recommend?
Or there's better place to stay?

Oh, please help.

Till then, later folks! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There'll always be the first of everything :p

Erk, Salam Aidiladha folks! :) Sorry lambat wish but I guess, my lappie is not my best friend I have at the moment. Heheh. (After years, I can actually be parted from it for more than 24 hours :p)

Anyhow, I just wanna tell you that, me and Mr Fiance went to our first fitting @ Sayang Creations. The bridal boutique that will be in-charge of my reception dress, pelamin, accesories, etc. The result is, errr.. okay la. I have lowered down my expectations way before I went to the place. Knowing that, I didn't have the time to meet them up before proceeding with the exact thing. So... in the end, the colour of the dress was a bit 'white-ish' for my liking. However! The beading on the dress excites me. Hahah. Boleh ke? Hee.

I remember about Kiree's post on the boutique. Honestly, when I read the thing, I was freaking out. But, there are also some things that I have learnt. Kurangkan my expectations yang menggunung and try to communicate better- kot. Huhuhu

I guess, we can't avoid the 'vendors-from-hell' thingy. Mesti ada part yang kureng, tak banyak pun, mungkin ada sikit. But, I guess... you gotta know how to deal with it la kot. Kan? Kan? Huhuh.

Till then, later folks! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MJ, bukan Michael jackson

Hari ini, hari maraton untuk saya.

Tiring but, fruitful! Ngee :D

I went to Metrojaya Sale today and,
I have managed to grab ALL my hantaran items....
Gila gembira! :)

And I've even managed to go to Beryl's Factory Shop in Sri Kembangan.
The chocolates & sweets were so cheap!
I mean, sangat berpatutan la harganya.
Knowing that the chocolate tastes good;
unlike coklat Den Dang or Tora. Hehehe :D.
And the packaging is nice too.

I'd recommend you to get the sweets. :p
Unless you have the allocation in splurging on Patchi Chocolates ke, Godiva ke...?
or anything expensive, sila abaikan free advertorial ini... :p

Until then, later folks! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hari ini~

I've managed to grab my nikah shoes!!!


It's nothing expensive- or from any top brands.

Hehehhe. But, I am truly happy.

It looks something like this;

credits to this site.
(but, mine is- minus the diamentes around the shoes,
diamentes are only on the bow-like thingy

Ok, I'll be off to Metrojaya Card members' preview day,
in the morning!
Come & join me.
Boleh tolong pilih the stuffs :p!!

I need to grab few things for my hantaran
that I have been eyeing for quite sometimes~


pstttt/ I had received a sms from Nik; stating that, my baju nikah is yet to be done.
But, since Diah did warned me earlier...
I'm not so surprise la. & dah expect lambat.
Jadi, takdelah perasaan nak melenting or nak marah :p
So, moral of the story , please expect the unexpected!

Have a good day folks! :)

Till then, bye for now!


I had my HIV test done today!

and it's non- reactive.

Ok, tu je :p

source: google image

and I'm gonna get all the other documents-
pertaining on the nikah thingies done
by this week.
(harapan :p)

till then, later folks :)

ps/ I don't know what I've done with my comment settings- but now, i have to approve comments & I think ada comment in my previous post yang comment orang tu tak appear even after I've approved it...? Do you know how I can get the thing back as it is? Huhuhu

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Nothing much.

My things are almost over- but, I've officially passed my viva, thesis & all :)
So, this is it- I'll be on leave till after the wedding.

Yes, sampai lepas majlis kahwin.
Then, baru nak keje bole?
If you know any vacancy available, let me know.
Heeheh :D

Tadi, my parents came.
We went to Ikea, grabbed the gifts for super VIPs :)
We've managed to finalized on our door gift! (AT LAST!)
Esok baru nak confirm & book. hehehe

Ok, I need to go on diet- a good & healthy one.
But, lepas Raya Haji la..
I need to shed off another 4kg!
Kenapa susah sangat nak turun to 47kg?


Obviously, I suka makan. Fine. Tapi, for the sake of the wedding..
I have to :(

Oh, I'm in the midst of planning out my e-invitation
& the theme for it~ ;)

Any ideas ladies....?? *wink2*

Till then, later folks! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Months....??

3 months left.


Here's the bits of updates. ;)

Emak and Ayah dah bising on card printing. I've tried to work on my own design tapi, hampeh. Tu la, nak yang best je. Buat tak reti. Result? Print sajos dari pencarian Google- print, edit, dan jadikan itu contoh untuk di hantar print. Lain kali, sila jangan berimaginasi terlalu tinggi (Just a reminder for meself.. :P)

Did some following up with Nik Erwan, he's working on my baju nikah dengan pesanan penaja 'buat baju I cantik- cantik tau... nanti I recommend kat kawan- kawan..' Ni adalah trick yang mudah untuk memancing. Hasil? Tunggu hujung November katanya... :)

We are not going to do pre- wedding photo- shoot but, having a framed portraiture during our wedding is the plan. So, we have talked and discussed with our photographer, he said yes and, we'll be shooting for it by early January.

Baju reception, hampeh... I tak tanya-tanya pun. Sangat tenang betol buat masa ni. ;)

FYI, I haven't buy anything yet for my hantaran. Alasan, saya sibuk bagai Rosmah Mansur dan lebih. Hahha. Dan, saya tunggu sale. Sale pun tak tahu bila. En Tunang sudah membeli beberapa barangan beliau dengan jayanya- tanpa saya. (Sila tepuk tangan untuk beliau) :)

We've met the Pakcik canopy...dia datang rumah personally. Bagus. But me and my mom think its kindda expensive on having a VIP settings for freaking RM900. Mahal nak mati kan??? Padahal, stakat Arabian canopy with inlay, chandellier and kipas air tu je... Mahal nak mati. Ke, memang macam tu price dia? Haha. So, jawapnye, tak payah la VIP canopy. Duduk makan bawah pokok lagi best! ;) Makan ala- ala picnik kat bawah pokok sekeliling rumah secara rambang. Jimat! ;)

Macam ni... Best jugak kan?
Ayah, can we just give the guests some old- newspaper for them to sit under the trees...?? Bahahha. pic is from here

What else? Err, ntah. banyak je lagi tak buat.
Tapi, I just wanna get myself through dulu.

Till then, later folks! ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is me, now....

Hehe.. Well, am truly sorry for keeping myself too quiet these days. There are so much to do yet, there's so little time. Honestly, my wedding prep is not going anywhere... Yes, the ticker is showing that the date is almost there but, I'm not moving nor that excited anymore. Boleh? Hee. Seriously... I've lost the momentum. Malas nak fikir about the wedding. Hahaahhaha.

But, I can't. Can I??? Hmppppp

Till then, later folks! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear readers, this post has nothing to do with any of my wedding prep~ heee :P instead, I am in the midst of struggling to finish up my thesis. I hope very much that you can participate in my survey!

I am doing a survey on perceived blog's interactivity and the readers' purchase intention

1) emmetgaragesales


2) iamprettyhappythings

Here's the survey form.

You can participate in this survey- regardless of the the blogs studied.

Most questions are in general form- if you have ever bought anything from online- blog- stores, please... I'll be more than happy to have you to participate! ;)

What's more?

You may stand a chance to win some goodies from either one of the blog that's worth up to RM50 or more!! :)

I hope that you's be able to participate and submit your form before

10th October 2009!

Monday, September 28, 2009

e- invitation

Out of nowhere; today... I suddenly decided to have an e-invitation to my wedding soon. (next to a proper card invitation and this is more for my family & friends who have accessed to the internet je la kot~ :P)

It's not a must tapi, suka... gatal! Heheh

I was thinking either to have a simple video clip or simply a slide- show. Obviously, we are out- of- budget to shoot and edit a video.. Nak buat sendiri boleh je. Provided, lagi setahun la baru boleh siap e-invitation tu, lepas tu la baru boleh kahwin. Heheh. Plus, malu la nak cakap in the video, nanti orang gelak kan kitorang! :P

So I was thinking.... just a simple slide- show will do la kot.

And guess what?!

I've found this in here and I think it's so cuteeeeee :)

The scrapbook idea! Okay, maybe korang dah terfikir but- knowing me, otak dah narrow down kat benda lain at the moment. So, I don't think that I can be creative AT ALL nasib baik ada la ada pertolongan keluarga Google. :P

and there are a few more pages that I've skipped..

Again, credits to this couple who've shared their ideas in this site!

Till then, later folks! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Non- mover

Although it is now already 7th day of Syawal....

I hope that am not too late to wish all the readers and bloggers;

Salam Aidilfitri
Maaf zahir batin

kalau ada salah silap,

tersinggung hati through my writings or comments in any blogs that I've come acrossed :)

Update: My reception dress had been sent to the tailor in Jakarta~
Next week Uncle Mus of Sayang Creations will go and collect it...
I hope everything will turn great or at least... okay la.

Hah. Can I pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop the wedding countdown?
Kerja banyak lagi la...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

tak ada kena mengena~

Mode: I'm stressed, flippin' and serabai- with sooo many deadlines coming up and I'm nowhere in the wedding mode.

So I texted Mr Fiance, dengan ayat tersirat.
(Dengan harapan, he can keep me motivated and give me some dosage of kata- kata yang best...)

Me: "Sayang, I penat la. Rasa macam da pecut in the first 100 meters, sekarang rasa tak larat and nak stop, although lagi 30 meters je lagi nak habis. Faham tak...?"(with emoticons garu kepala & sedih)

A few minutes later...................

Mr Fiance: "You exercise ke? Usaha tangga kejayaan.... hehehehhe"



Ok, you tak faham that I'm freaking stressed but, you've made me laughed. Histerically. Sorang- sorang.

Yes, I'm stressed but, am still happy kot. Alhamdulillah :)

Anyhow, I love this pic! :)

I can't remember where I took this pic from.. huhu.
But, kudos to the photographer! ;)

Till then, later folks~ :)
Selamat Berbuka.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The other theme

Mr Fiance had finalized few things over his side and- I should say that he's ahead of me.


All he did was to decide...

Huh! Tak aci! hee

Pic taken from here

Because he fell in love and were inspired by these....

Pics taken from here

I taught him about the base, dominating and the complimentary hues... cepat gak belajar. bagus budaknya. bravo! :P So, our dresses will be in the shades of gray/ silver-ish while the rest- will be in purple- magenta- fushia tones. haha. I'm confused myself! WLT had her fushia theme in pink but, Mr Fiance wants it in purple.

Oh well, I'm taking Fizz's steps-
not to butt in with my future FIL's decision makings ;)

Till then, later folks! ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nak jugak... :P

Nak jugak cam ni...

ade orang main bunga api lepas dinikahkan nanti...
dengan harapan, baju langsung tak terbakar. hehehehhe

Pic taken from here.

Till then, later folks! :)

Selamat Berbuka too! ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

I wish...

Earlier today:

Mr Fiance : "Sayang, tolong check hari bulan Islam untuk 31st Jan nanti...."

He had already went to book the card printing for his side.
I thought I was fast! But I was totally wrong... heheh.

I wish to have an invitation card as simple as this~ No hard cover and all. Just a good quality- one-piece- of- paper will do just fine.

Sorry, I can't remember where I took this- but if you happen to know, please keep me updated cause I need to credit it to the owner~ kesian dia. hee :)

or this...

pic taken from here

Simple je kan? Siap ade bunga raya lagi. hehe. Kita sibuk nak bunga lain- :P hehe. Nak design sendiri, but I don't have much time and am not that talented either. Is there any free software (free je. yang bayar- tanak! hee) that I can use to make my life easier? ;)

Till then, later folks :)


Saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Cik Mimi kena telah berkongsi award beliau bersama saya di bulan yang mulia ini~ :P

Psst Mimi, nak kena kasik orang ke? Ala.. lenkali boleh tak? Hehehe.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bunga Pahar Stand

If WLT is on the quest of finding her cake stand, I am trying to find my bunga pahar stand. Hehe Me and my mom are a bit skeptical with the though of giving away eggs- yes, it's tradition and people usually opt for the option. Reasons for it because.... saya suka makan telur dadar je, tak suka rebus- so, I take for granted, other people have the same preference; suka makan telur dadar instead of telur rebus. Hahah

Anyhow, onto my idea in substituting the eggs from bunga pahar looks like this...
(please use your imagination cuz I simply don't have the time to upload the pics of the one that I did earlier- (I might update this soon) :P))

I came up with the idea of wrapping fruits- like this:-

into this kind of net or organza material- and tie it up with ribbons, and it should look something like this:-

Both pics are from here :)

Get the idea...? :P

... and hang it on the stand; like this!

This pic was taken from 4weddingku
(They have great pieces of wedding items and offers loads of great stuffs ;))

That is why I am looking for this bunga pahar stand that looks like that. Any of you have any idea where I can get bunga pahar stands like those? I just fell in love with it. Like head over heels. Hehe. Plus, tak payah beli bunga telur! and the thought of doing my own bunga dip is not so very compromising (Amy dah nak siap okeh?! while her wedding will only be two weeks after me... :P)

So, why should I risk the time? Huhu. My thesis and semester will only be over by November; InsyAllah. Then only I can have the time to really focus onto my wedding preps. Huhu. Two months is too short for me to start and learn making the DIY bunga dip and since I'd love on cutting the cost of the small things- I've decided to proceed with this idea instead! And, my mom had just approved my proposition with it. Weee! ;)

Till then, later folks ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan al- Kareem

I'd like to wish all the Muslims' readers and bloggers ; Salam Ramadhan.

May it be another blissful, blessed and a better one- this time.
InsyAllah :)

pic taken from here

By the way, this is suppose to be my first Ramadhan since me and Mr Fiance have been engaged~ and, will be the last with my so-called-single-status. (But at the moment, I am sooo not- cool with the thought of it. Sobs! Asal ntah?) :(

Although I'll be marrying someone from 'kampung sebelah' je but, the thought of of 'leaving' my family can really tears me apart. Sad. Pathetic. Whatever, you name it... but, I wish to be my parents'-little-girl. Always!

Hee :P

Ok, don't mind me.

Enjoy this time around dan semoga yang elok- elok sahaja untuk semua.

InsyAllah :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gamelan vs Cak Lempong

In my previous post, I did talked about the Gamelan performance kan?

Ha... this is what my mom's updates-

1. Mind me, I have a correction to make that the band does not perform Gamelan laaaaa- it's Cak Lempong (Click the links to know the differences- nak tepek kat sini nanti, orang ingat ni kelas muzik :P) Sorry folks! I'm confused myself. heheh

2. At the price of RM400- this is what you'll get:
  • The school will send the kids to the event WITHOUT the instruments. Orang rumah should arrange their OWN transportation in order to get the things at your place from the school. By right, two cars would be enough to transport all the instruments- if you have a van, that's even better.
  • It's WITHOUT the PA system.
  • They will perform around TWO hours only- inclusive breaks. Usually at the peak hours of the event.
  • The PRICE of RM400 is the staff's price- since my mom teaches at the school, that's the price she'll get. For non- staff, the price may be ranged up to RM700++- DEPENDING on you locations and they will ONLY perform in places around Melaka. (Sorry to Hanim who's in Shah Alam & seems really interested. huhu. Sorry dear)

Thus, what I can suggest to all the bride-to-be's-who's looking for this kind of traditional entertainment for their wedding, why don't you try to search or browse the net whether there are any schools around your area that has the traditional band. Gamelan or Cak Lempong, you can decide which is to choose. As far as I'm concern, the Gamelan's band uses more instruments than Cak Lempong's. Heh, tu je yang tau- tu pun... my mom yang cakap. heheh. What instruments- please click on the earlier links ;)

So, that's all for now, till then.... later folks! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who knows?

I was talking to my mom just now and she had updated me with the rate of the gamelan band from her school.

The pic was taken by Mr Fiance at a friend's wedding :)
(ni gamelan ke? haha)

I was telling her earlier about having them to play at my wedding later on as I don't favor much on having the karaoke session yang melalak- lalak tu well, it's not just me, my parents too and, I have to respect their wish supaya mendapat kap-ba-ra-kap-ta-alif-nun yang menyeluruh ... Heheh. Anyway, I'd prefer a close- session for that- untuk close family and friends later on in the kenduri. Huhu. Its just because of some people, who can't really sing but, nak jugak nyayi and I find it freaking annoying. Boleh? Hehe.

Still, no offense to those who enjoy it la.. ;)

My mom told me, it will cost around RM400 (her school's band). Excluding the PA system. I don't know much on this matter. Anyone of you can actually assist me? The range of prices yang reasonable or other options in entertaining my guests later on....

Thanks a bunch in advance if you could share the ideas ;)

Till then, later folks :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

...and now, I shall announce....


To Diah,

Diah, I need to apologize to you for I was not able to make it to your kenduri bertandang :( Rasa guilty je. I headed back to Melaka for the weekend cuz we had planned something earlier and I have planned with my brother to go back together on Monday since we both takde classes. Furthermore,I have been busy since Thursday and tak sempat nak check on my blog. Friday night, baru perasan kat my chat-box ade Diah's message & in my previous entry's comment box too. Huhu. Sorryyyyyyyy sangat Diah! :( Anyway, I wish you all the best dear! May you'll live happily ever after k? ;)

Okay, actually... I have made earlier plans with my parents to go and book the people who'll be responsible in making most of the important things for my wedding... on Sunday (same day as Diah's bertandang day).

Sorry, I was sooo giddy at the place- lupa nak snap pics. I've tried on a dress and it fitted me nicely! Hiks :P Below are some of the pics which I think resembles much like the dress I've tried and wanted.... :) I just heart those long kebaya- jawa, the one with trains. Tak tahu kenapa, but I'm so hooked over trains since I-don't-know-when. Hee :) Dulu, I used to think trains are troublesome... Huhu. But, not anymore! :P

This pic is taken from here.
Oh, please ignore the pose. It's not me nor the way I've posed depan orang2 kat butik tu yeh?! :P But, the dress that I've tried on tu, just about this long... tak de la meleret sangat. hee :)

And this one is from here.
Not exactly like this piece but, something like it la.. Minus the collar, kain and tudung. Sumpah I will not wear this kindda tudung on my wedding cuz I don't wanna emphasis my round face. Thank You. Heheh :P

Okay, I'll share with you more details in the next post. :P By the way, the dress will be tailored made for me but, not for me to own- just to rent. Sangat tidak mampu to own a heavy beaded dress like I've wanted- with the matching tudung, veil, shoes & accesories. Huhu. Anyhow, along with this, I've managed to secure myself with the pelamin, set renjis, hand bouquet (fresh flowers, cascade type ;) wee!), bride's room deco and the arch.

And now, I officially announce my official dressmaker, pelamin maker and decorater is... Sayang Creations from Ayer Keroh Melaka. :) (poyo!.. :P- mengalahkan NGI and Rizalman je. Hiks)

Till then, later folks! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Tadi, we got the chance to watch Nona with the whole family. After the coverage of Elyana's engagement... there was a slot of hand bouquet. Yang kelakar nye, it's exactly the same as I wrote in previous entry. My dad siap gelak- gelak kan I- saying "Ntah- ntah they browsed & bumped into your blog kot..." Hahaha.


What a coincident... :P

Friday, July 24, 2009

Favors please~

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been awfully ill and extreamly busy with my final project. Gosh! Tolong la doakan everything will go as planned and will result me something brilliant by end of October. InsyAllah ;) hee

At this stage, am still looking out for the best favors to be given to the guests. I am still very far away in term of hands-on-preps for my wedding. I haven't booked a single thing YET. Urghhh. I know. So much of the talking... actions elek! I have short listed the things and the people that I wish to hire for my event tapi, tu lah...huhuh.

As for now... yes, favors. The criteria of a good favor (to me la~ :P)
  1. Practical
  2. Cute
  3. Something valuable (Tapi, bukan lah jongkong emas ye ladies & gents. heheh)
  4. Something that is other than food? (I tend to ignore most of the foodies given. huhu)

I have some issues over this matter with my mom. One thing for sure- we are trying to avoid giving away food and junkies (bukan sampah sarap- I mean, jajan & yang sewaktu dengannya- other than kids of course. Ape je nak kasi derang?!)

My mom came up with hand towel idea. It must have high absorbent quality. Cotton. Just about the size of Good-Morning-Towel. Ouh, and it must be given in a enviromental friendly bag- of course, it has to be made out of paper. So, after some browsing- I've found Ole-Ole Manis. The brown paper bags (like Nariko's) which looks something like this-

Both pics are taken from Ole- Ole Manis

But the towel.... It's a failure. Still! :( Sobs!

And as for the kids- I have to surrender with the fact- kena jugak kasi derang sweets huhu AND, just simply because I have found this:

Ole- Ole Manis are selling these things really cheap! You can ask Nadea the quotations but these are selling at a very reasonable price. ;) BUT, in my case- my mom had asked for the chocolates to be placed in paper boxes like this....

For a more environmental friendly gifts~ ngeheee :P and Nadea had also quoted a very good bargain for it. My parents macam da hooked with it. Nadea is a pleasent person to deal with. She is really nice and very generous with ideas minus the extra charges.. ;) (Pstttt, Nad... can I get further markdown? heee :P)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bouquet DIY

I thought of sharing the DIY version of making your own wedding bouquet. I'm not sure how much it would cost if we simply buy the end product~ but, since my wedding will be held in persekitaran sebuah kampung, maka... haruslah susah untuk mendapatkan florist yang boleh menyediakan hand bouquet kan? Erk, ke... tak pernah tau ade servis sedemikian di kampung sendiri? hahahah.

But, I might just get some helping hand from my mom or cousin- just in case pengantin nanti bakal sibuk- kalah Barack Obama on his conference week. :P (Sorry, the new semester had just started- I'm getting super busy but, I need to update this blog because I have the social responsibility la kunon. Hahah)

So, ladies... I hope it'll help ;)

This video as taken from here :)

Till then, bye folks! ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Which bouquet suits you?

I was googling just now, and I've found something which seems very interesting to share it in here. Some of you may have come across it but, I think it'll be useful for my wedding day and yours' too (if you haven't got a clue about it) :P. This article was taken from here.

Basically, there are three categories of wedding bouquet style :

1. The cascade is shaped like the waterfall, more flowers on the top with some flowers can be seen flowing downwards. It is blended with some greeneries.

This pic is from here.

2. The round shaped bouquet is of course round in shape with less greenery. The flowers are usually not from a single type but multiple types all arranged tightly to each other.

Source from here

3. The hand-tied is a bunch of flowers loosely tied together to show the stems.

The pic is taken from here.

To choose the right wedding bouquet style, you must consider three things : the size of your body, your wedding gown and the look that you want to create for yourself.

If you want to look slimmer on your wedding day, choose the cascade wedding bouquet. It has a slimming effect because of its shape : from roundish on the top and pointy at the bottom.

If you are tall, you should go for hand-tied or maybe cascade. Never go for round. With the heels you will be wearing, you will seem extra tall on that day. To be seen as a perfect couple, you need to balance your height with your husband-to-be.

If you want to hide your big hips, go for other bouquets but round. Carrying a round bouquet will make your hips look bigger. Imagine people commenting on your hips on your wedding day. That won't happen to you because now you know.

If you will be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown, there is one perfect wedding bouquet for you. This bouquet is made for sleeveless gowns. The arm bouquet. It will complement your gown nicely. Arm bouquet looks like this:


If you prefer a casual look on your wedding day, go for the hand-tied bouquet. The flowers will look as if they are freshly picked from your garden and tied nicely. You will look fresh and natural carrying a hand-tied bouquet.

If you have a small body, a round bouquet would be perfect. The shape of your body and the bouquet will be balanced, thus creating the perfect look.

You will look slimmer and more elegant on your wedding day when you carry a hand-tied wedding bouquet.

Whatever wedding bouquet style you choose, you should know how to carry it well. Carry it around your waistline near your hip bones. Only then, the elegance of the flower and beauty of the gown will come through. When that happens, you will look your best on that special day.

Uhuk, I've always thought the round bouquet looks gorgeous but, I think.. I may opt for a cascade bouquet for a slimmer look, but thankfully the hand- tied pun okay! .. :P

So, which bouquet suits you best ladies?? :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Your Dulang-ness

Saya mahu dulang hantaran seperti di atas. Di mana mahu di cari yeh? (Apart from Dios Astana la... :P) Kedai yang agak- agak boleh tawar menawar. I wanted to go for something classy and fresh... timeless and vintage (hahah, x habis- habis vintage eversince Qis letak post tu.. :">).

I guess, kalau takde jugak- I mean kalau mahal gila babas, baik je sewa tak pun, hire je orang buat hantaran kan? Kat MG bole, Sher bole, Nuwoo pun bole.. hahah. Dari spend ribu raban beli dulang je kan? Haih...

Tapi... nak buat sendirik! Haish...

Nak dulang bulat, gold in colour, berkaki (bukan untuk jalan sendiri ye? hehe)... hmm. I saw yang crytal type kat Parkson itu hari.. cantik! Tapi, my mom kata... kalau sumbing or terpecah, mau nangis tak berlagu la... huhu.

Tapi, yang macam ni pun ok jugak...

Chocolate - Fotopages.com
This one from MG :)

Gold Sets - Fotopages.com
This one is from Nuwoo pula..

Haih... fenin!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Why so serious?

Why so serious on having theme colour for your wedding? My answer would be- I want to have a great combination of hues that would make the event more vivacious minus, the haru biru plus... I want it to look great in pictures too!! Ahaks! :P

When I wrote this post, I wasn't very sure what are the exact colours that I will be using for my wedding. Thus, after days, weeks and months of surveying, googling and browsing the internet... I am sure that I have found the theme that I've wanted ;) and now, I will share what's on my mind! Hee.

As much as I've wanted brown for my wedding, I have to be REALISTIC! (Harus tampar pipi berkali-kali supaya saya tidak berangan tahap melampau untuk mempunyai perkahwinan - personalized seperti Mat Saleh dan, untuk mem-personalized-kan segenap perincian mungkin akan menyebabkan saya dan keluarga muflis. Ahaks!! ). Being realistic means, I need to opt for other brown hues that's available around.

Both from here.

See? There are so much to it. You can mix up the colours all you want but- you gotta stick to the reality of course. Having a wedding in a kampung- may cause me very limited choices in choosing a lot of things! But, to come and think of it- you may play with the hues. Pick and mix the colours and suit with the things that you may think it's available WITHOUT having to burn a huge hole in your pockets! ;)

"Chocolate and cream are both great foundation colors that you can build on for any wedding" and "you might want to pull in some corals, and blush. Oh, and maybe a touch of gold. I think those colors would look lovely with the chocolate brown…."- Style Me Pretty.

Thus, just to play safe- I have chosen cream or ivory for the base of my wedding theme and yes, I would try to pull a touch of gold, coral and blush to bring it to live and... the chocolate brown shall go to compliment to wedding theme. Yes. Compliment- not dominate. You may want to refer to Qis's post for this because- I want a timeless and a-la vintage look. Ahaks!

The base hues- pelamin and such:

The detailings- dresses, flowers & etc:

The complimentary hues- ribbons, curtains and such:

Pics are from here, here and here.

So, I guess, this is the reason of being serious. Seriously serious~ :)

Till then, later folks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Melaka Bridal House

Last Saturday- after Anil's reception, me and my mom went to three bridal houses in Melaka. I can't rely on their blogs, fotopages nor their web sites because- it's never being updated! Hahaha. Hmmph. Haruskah saya malu? Hahah.

Anyway, the first bridal boutique that we went to was in Bukit Piatu- near Anil's house. It's located near to Astana Moda's (Jakel) and Ariani's store and it's called Astana Cindai . It's on the third floor. My first impressions were; it's bit messy- unorganized. Unappealing- really. Tak berapa nak menarik. But, I guess it was it's branch in Merlimau where Farhanna had her engagement makeup done. Dia mekap okay la... Cantik je si Farhanna on her engagement day :). But, the boutique in Bukit Piatu doesn't appeal me much and perhaps because, I had expected much more kot?! Huhu. Furthermore, mungkin kakak tu tak berapa nak friendly. Hahah.

Next, we went to Mentari Kreatif. It was in Taman Cempaka, right opposite of Melaka Central. The moment I stepped in- dia tanya nama and they call me by name immediately! Rasa
sangat home-y! Haha. Bole la pulak jumpa one of the owner's friend who's happened to be a photographer. Anak didik Saiful Nang- katanyeeee... (baca intonasi Kak Sarimah in that Astro promo :D). The boutique was well organized, neat, and the people there was super friendly! :) Although the albums were a bit out and un- updated, but I'd give two thumbs up for their super and great customer service.

The last boutique that we went to was in Ayer Keroh. It's in second floor, corner shop- next to Petronas. Deret King's Hotel tu... :) Anyway, dia takde web page. Hehe. But! Stop at the thought of it! Tau, kalau takde blog or, fotopages or, flickr or any social networking contact ni... rasa weird je these days but, I have to say... tempat tu sangat impressive okeh! :D really! Abang tu pun baik despite of, there were another couple and a family yang weddingnye sangat dekat.. haha. He treats me and my mom well! Dia mula menunjukkan koleksi- koleksi meletup dia... Ha kau! Ada tu, sangat cantik!!!!!! :) I told him the ideas of my wedding. The pelamin, the dress and the flowers! He quoted a fair price I should say! *smiles* Me and my mom thinks he's a pro la... I mean, he can elaborate better with my rough ideas. That's what I like. He sounded confident, offers me good bargains (so far...) and I like him most! Hahaha. My mom da kasi green light je... But, we need to discuss further kot.

So, folks.... apa lagi nak mintak and ask yeh? Cuz, I can only think about the pelamin, dresses and makeups- the detailings like the set renjis, arcs and others are not in my list yet. Should I include it?

Till then, later folks! :)

Ouh, none of these boutiques are related to the one that I've mentioned in my last post... :P

Monday, June 22, 2009

20th June 2009

Last Saturday was Anil's wedding. Many congratulations to my dear Anil... :) There's a story behind that mysterious gift that I've left you. Heheh. Anil, the story is like this (excuse ke-poyo-an saya for creating an entry for this.. haha)

Saya ke kenduri Anil bersama Ibu saya, yang malu untuk hadir ke majlis yang undangan- nya bukan untuk dia. Hehe. She was with me because, I had to drag her to the walk- in- sesssions at nearby bridal boutiques. My Dad had a meeting on the day otherwise, he wanted to follow me too. You see, he's a silent reader of my blog and, he clicks ALL the links that I have here and Anil's is included. Heheh. He was excited to see Anil's card arrived at home 'Eh, ni Anil sape tu... Lutaze eh? Ala, your blogger friend tu.. yang buat card sendiri.... ' hahha. Entry kereta Anil rosak pun, dia tau.. Hehe.

Ok, da jauh menyimpang. Hee

So, when I reached Bukit Piatu- there were so many cars parked on the left and right side of the road. Jem juga. Last2, I had to park somewhere in someone's house area- kat atas bukit. Tapi masa tu hujan pulak nak turun... my mom cakap ' Mak tak payah la turun, kawan kau je pun...' So, I said- 'Ok lah, Mira turun kejap.. bagi Anil the pressie & amik gamba then I'll be right back..'. That was the plan.

Masa turun sorang- sorang tu, cuak juga kot- kot salah rumah. Tapi, konfiden je jalan- konon-konon sebab nampak kanopi yang banyak dan lilac coloured scallops. Hehe :P. Pastu, nampak seorang wanita- berbaju lace putih yang lining- nya silver coloured. Dalam hati 'Hmmm, ni confirm Mak Anil...' hehe. Betullah sangkaan ku sebab, ade gamba pre- wedding Anil :) Haihh, lega! So, salam Mak Anil and I looked around- mana satu rumah Anil nye? Huhu, tempat letak hadiah tak nampak and the others were busy with their partners and all. Hah, da la sorang- sorang, agak mati kutu sekejapan. :P

Pastu terpandanglah pelamin Anil! Cantiknye!!!!!!! So, dengan tak malunye- saya pun pergi ke situ and snaped a couple of pics... :) Inilah dia.

Cantik! Simple but great!! :)

Okay, pastu pusing- pusing lagi... nampak la tempat orang- orang letak hadiah jadi, saya pun pergilah dan meletakkan hadiah saya yang tak seberapa tu.. Hee. Tiba- tiba! (baca dalam intonasi terkejut :P) saya terpandangkan isi rumah yang sedang membanjiri di ruang pintu bilik. Lagi sekali, dengan sesuka hati- 'Ini mesti bilik pengantin!' (dalam hati jugak sebab , da kata sorang.. :P) Masa ni, guruh sudah mula berbunyi- awan semakin gelap tapi.... 'Takpe la, kejap je kalau nak ambil gambar pun...' Saya pun berjalan ke arah bilik itu.

Tapi sesampai di situ- memang ramai orang dalam bilik Anil dan yang kat pintu tu pun tak nak gerak- gerak... huhu. Nak marah, tak boleh. Haha. Guruh berdentum lagi- 'Eh, ade karang aku tak boleh gi balik kat kereta & kesian Mak tunggu...' Jadi, saya pun bergegas keluar yang mana hujan sudah rintik- rintik. Huhu

Ini saje lah hasilnya. Huhu

Kepada Anil: Saya minta maaf banyak- banyak kerana tidak dapat nak bergambar and stayed a bit longer. I wish I had- buat laluan sendiri di celah- celah orang itu. Huhu. Tapi, takpe la.. mungkin bukan rezeki kita untuk ketemu mata- ke- mata, Haha but, InsyAllah in another wedding of our bloggers' friends. :) Kalau dapat invitation laa. Hee

Selamat pengantin Baru Anil & En Dd! Semoga anda berbahagia and may there will be more happy returns to both of you :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009