Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Aftermaths

The aftermaths of....

My very own emotional struggles tonight; equals to: Me, ended up writing two posts in a row...

Cayalah!... Bukan senang, I may not be updating this thing as frequent as I did at this very moment... Hahaha... :P

(**A few pats on my back**) :D

Since I am away from school- and its been a week now and I have been staying at home most of the time.

As a result...

I have successfully done a few dishes for me and my whole family to indulge in! (Another few pats for me... :p)

Lets see....

I've been making cup cakes for Faiz's and Ain's smallest birthday bash ever! Hehehe

Faiz's cuppies- he's turning 18... da besar dah adik aku ni. Haaha

I've been making puff pasties and turned it into great chicken pies... (It was undoubtedly scrumptious!!) ... No, I did not say that! I only said it after I had quite a number of bravos from my families!!) Hahaha.

And I baked the 'Baked Macaroni'.... :). My first attempt in doing it; after seven solid years tak makan benda ni... Our neighbour used to bake this yummy thingy, and my mom had lost the recipe yang aunty tu kasi... So, here it goes.. Belasah aje! :P

Before baking it :)

After: The cheese on top... hmmm. Need I say more??! Ahaha.. It was another bravo job!


Hip, hip hoorah for me!

And, I'm planning to do more of the cup cakes with buttercream frosting for some friends and my darling girlfriends next week!

They had been craving it for quite sometimes now... :p

My Very Own Engagement

After months of creating this blog... without any other entry. Hihi. Here I am :p

Therefore, as a start... I'd like to share with you some of my engagement's photos.
I have to tell you that, these pictures were not taken by any professionals thus; it looks a bit dodgy though... hahaha.

Let us start with the 'hantaran'- its the exchange of gifts between the man and woman as a token of thank- you's and celebration; I guess. It is usually being given away in odd numbers and, the woman had to add two items more than the man's gift to her. For example; my fiancé gave me five items as his gifts to me and, in return... I will have to give him seven items in return. I know it may sound unfair, but this is how the tradition works. Huhu.


The gifts for him... :)

His gifts to me...

And, the last and most crucial item is that.....


My cuppies!!

Haha... Since this is the 'Sweet Cravings' blog, I just cannot resist this thing;
my very own cup cakes!! The very first attempt for me in doing it... Pretty cool aite...?? :p

Thus, anyone of you whom may have cravings for these kind of cuppas, do let me know... Hahah..

But hey, I'm serious. Seriously serious! ;)