Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Very Own Engagement

After months of creating this blog... without any other entry. Hihi. Here I am :p

Therefore, as a start... I'd like to share with you some of my engagement's photos.
I have to tell you that, these pictures were not taken by any professionals thus; it looks a bit dodgy though... hahaha.

Let us start with the 'hantaran'- its the exchange of gifts between the man and woman as a token of thank- you's and celebration; I guess. It is usually being given away in odd numbers and, the woman had to add two items more than the man's gift to her. For example; my fiancé gave me five items as his gifts to me and, in return... I will have to give him seven items in return. I know it may sound unfair, but this is how the tradition works. Huhu.


The gifts for him... :)

His gifts to me...

And, the last and most crucial item is that.....


My cuppies!!

Haha... Since this is the 'Sweet Cravings' blog, I just cannot resist this thing;
my very own cup cakes!! The very first attempt for me in doing it... Pretty cool aite...?? :p

Thus, anyone of you whom may have cravings for these kind of cuppas, do let me know... Hahah..

But hey, I'm serious. Seriously serious! ;)

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