Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cuppies Surprise

This post was suppose to be posted ages ago
However, since I was so busy with- nothing; I did not have the chance to.. hehehe

By the way, after the CNY; me and my darling Cik Siti had planned a little surprise for another friend of our's. :) Cik Mimi. Yes, a birthday surprise for her! Wee.

Here are the cuppies. First shot.

The cuppies for Cik Mimi!! (Excuse my roses... It was my very first attempt in doing it so, do excuse the herot- berot petals. Hee)

We just love the camera! And a million thanks to our lovely Kak Yan who had her camera with her! :)

This was the whole clan who had supported the surprise. Well, actually- we had the whole people in the school's cafe sang Cik Mimi a Happy Birthday song... Bestkan??? :)

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