Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cravings

In conjunction with the 'Cuppies Surprise'; I had also baked some cuppies for my darling girlfriends and Mr. Fiance... Comelkan???

Ahakss :P

Well, since I have a Law assignment to be done- I have decided to keep this post short and let the pictures do the talking! Hehehe. So, here it is...

This cuppies were for Mr Fiance. That's the main reason I had the 'heart' in the center of it... Hahahah. Oh well, I don't expect u; people to understand what does the designs are suppose symbolized. Tengok saje, sudah.. :)

The next cuppies were given to my darling girlfriends. They had been craving for it quite sometimes... and I'm glad that they had enjoyed it very much!! :)

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