Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

I had a tiny surprise for Mr Fiance last night since he was leaving on a jet plane :P...

I had decided to bake some cuppies for him and this is how the cuppies turned out. Ngehehe, excuse the messiness though!!

(I think, I am getting better in swirling those rosettes... :P erk, masuk kereta, drive sendiri pulak <= my version of; masuk bakul, angkat sendiri :D)

Owh, I have something to share with the ladies- Please avoid from showing off too much of our braveness... Seriously! I had learnt my lesson very well last night!!

Mr Fiance was running late to fetch me at home due to the bad traffic jam somewhere in Damansara and only managed to get onto the highway at almost 8PM (His flight is at 11.25PM which means, he had to check- in by 9PM). Seeing the clock is ticking fast, I knew he cannot afford to pick me up at home & be at the airport in time as the traffic in Klang town is extremely UNPREDICTABLE! So, I decided to get on the commuter to Padang Jawa; which is like- only four stops away from the house.

Once at the station, I've noticed there were like no one there except; a homeless and insane man. I assume he's insane because, he was practically talking to himself non- stop! He's laugh in one minute and sad in the very next minute. Jadi dengan berani nya; I walked past him and waited for the train elsewhere... Once I saw the train's headlight- I was like 'Yeay!!'

As the train approaching, I saw him heading towards me. Tapi, dengan relax- nye berkata dalam hati 'Ah, dia takkan kacau aku....'

But he was coming closer

and closer!

My heart beats started to pump faster and I felt the blood in my body started to be drained out of me.

(At this time, he was standing a feet away from me!)
Allah je yang tahu what I felt! Mula la fikir he's going to push me onto the railways la, he's going to snatch my bag la... and hape ntah lagi...

I wanted to cry!

I wanted to shout for help!!

But, I can't think and do nothing!!!! Silly me!

Once the train stopped, I headed into the first coach. (At 8PM, you can count the people inside the coach, I think there were only two or three of others)... I chose to sit near the door and close to this one abang.

But, this insane guy..... actually followed me into the train and wanted to sit next to me!!! OK?! Tapi, tak... he sat in front & facing me!!

I was giving a pitiful look to the abang. Dengan harapan, dia faham yang I needed help! :D

Rasanya, my pitiful look berjaya kot... hihi... Abang tu switched place so, he could see me better- just in case this insane guy decided to do something to me, he'd be able to see & jadi hero la kot... Hahahah


He was imitating me who was on the phone with Mr Fiance. But I heard him saying 'Ha, aku talifon kau, kenapa kau tak angkat... ha? ha? Ko nak kena dengan aku eh??

Erk, and I've made a conclusion that he was broken hearted kot... :D

Oh, he got off the train, one station before me... which was like a MAJOR relief for me...

And once I reached Padang Jawa's station, Mr Fiance was waiting for me near the stairs (macam Atuk used to wait for me masa sekolah- sekolah dulu- mesti dia akan berdiri luar kereta to call me name!!! Comel! Hahahah)

Tapi, padan muka diri sendiri! Kunon nak berlagak sangat 'Independent'... Ha, hamik! Nasib baik nothing happened.. Alhamdulillah!

I've learnt my lesson well & Mr Fiance too!

So, girls... please be careful and cautious.

Ps/ I had my pepper spray with me inside my bag but, I just cannot think of it!! I was practically turned numb & mindless!! :D


Tati Aziz said...

kalau dah terkedu,takut,terkejut,
ade black belt pon xleh buat apa.
thank God u'r ok cuz!
lovely cuppies!!!

sweet cravings said...

2 la 2...
when I panicked, I can be stoned!

You take care of yourself cuz,
& wish you were around 2 share those cuppies... :)

Nariko said...

that was scary, girl! lesson for me too, jgn berani sgt!

sweet cravings said...

Nariko... Yup!

It was a lesson indeed...
I rasa, x perlu la we need to be too brave. Harus takut juga..

You take care!! :)

ComotGurl said...

Sooo scared la..I also have a story which is telling the same thing..

Girls cant be so brave (depends on situation la kan)..


Tp mistik nye story la..


sweet cravings said...

ahahah.. seriously takut sara!

tp, bila pk balik klaka :D

but whatever pun, never take things for granted. xbole brani sgt... huhuh.