Monday, March 23, 2009

Style me pretty

I think I'm gonna start with my so- called 'Wedding Diaries' from now on. :) I am currently doing all the surveying on a lot of stuffs! I'm looking and planning along; from the gifts (hantaran), solemnization dress, designers, themes, the decorations, the cakes, the door gifts and etc. etc. etc... :P

I've been browsing a lot of bride- to- be's blogs!! They are awesome!! I mean ,they provide some of very informative information, suggesting some places with great bargains and a lot of useful tips too. I know it's too early to worry; some may say. You see, I don't like working some things towards the very last minute of it- especially my wedding! It will only be once- in- a- life- time experience... :) Well, except from my assignments la; I can tolerate a very last minute work ... hahaha.

It has been ages since the last wedding in my family. Therefore, I have to get all the new sources for everything!! What I mean by new sources are; the andaman place, the canopy services, the florists and the list goes on... :) but the cakes, I plan to bake them myself- along with the help of my mom and aunty. Ye, saya mahu cake 3 tingkat!!! :P

Something that had me tensed for my engagement was the dress! It was tiring indeed as the decision on the event itself was less than a month and a half. I had to choose the material for hours. Alone. Send it to an unfamiliar tailor at the very last minute because the usual tailor that I used to send my cloths to; cannot meet up my demand... huhuh. And soon after that, I have to send the dress to another place for the beading works. I dare not do it myself as the fabric is somehow scares me off! :P I'm not good at handling silk-chiffon type of materials tapi, gatal nak jugak!! Ha, padan muka diri sendiri :P

Yesterday, I got myself in touch with a new local designer. He's making his way up the ladder!! :) I think, I have found a good bargain. Really! Without having to pening on the fabrics, the detailing, the designs, the tailoring and stuffs. I mean it's a one- stop center!! You can get all you want within your stipulated budget! Weeeeeee.......... I am so thrilled!!

Nak mintak Rizalman to design my dress, mungkin la tak mampu.... I can only envy and berangan on wearing his designs.... like this:

Both pictures are from blanc 2008 bridal collection

I will keep on surveying for some more. For a better bargain for my money :P hee

But, I think I am falling for the designer that I have mentioned above. With my ciput budget; he said that 'baju u akan meletopz sgt..' :)

Oh, saya suka dia!!

Please make it pretty for me to wear.

Make all the others mesmerized by your magic on me!

Till then...



hidden.wing said...

adore Rizalman's minimalist too :)

sweet cravings said...

hee.. tu la..

but he's expensive la.. nak tnya pun cam takut... :D