Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Cuppies

All these cuppies were ordered my my mom's colleague. There were like 36 cuppies all- together but I had to do separate packaging as they were for several people. Please ignore all the designs. I know it's a bit crappy and ntah- pa pe; but hey, all these are my new 'toy' so, I am just playing around with the nozzles and stuffs. Hehehe.

And, there are only a few pics to share. I had forgotten to take all the pics as I was so sleepy! :P I had it all done by 3.30am. So, excuse me! :)

P/S; I had all the 'free- lance' designs. They they did not request for any specific designs. So, all I did was; hentam sajos! Hehehe. And I do not have any reliable or professional camera to snap all the goodies!

So, just enjoy the pics. :)

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