Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nine solid years!

Today is the 31st of March and on this date- Me & Mr Fiance had been an 'item' since 9 years ago; back in the year 2000. :)

Alhamdulillah, we are still going strong and praying for our happiness and love to one another would last eternity- with blessings! Amin

No celebration and such for this occasion this year. Well, we'll probably going to do that much later; after Mr Fiance ends his trip and gets back here!

Nine years! It's been so long!! Sometimes, I envy people yang jumpe and get married in less than a year!! Oh, saya sangat iri hati okeh?! :P But on the other hand, this is what you'd call jodoh or destiny to be together. Hahah. We had started out this relationship while we were soo young... we were both 17 and now, we're 26! Time flew fast ey?!

I met Mr Fiance when we were 15- never liked him really. He's a chatter- box and love to tease people!! Saya rasa dia jahat back then! Bluek!! hahah. Owh, I met Mr Fiance through a friend and she was the one whom tried to hook us up! :)

We've been through a lot- the hard and good times and I am just soooo greatful that he's around!! And praying that we'll be able to spend the rest of our lives together, grow old- lovingly to one another (like Mak & Ayah . heheh), and may we'll be able to cope up all the hurdles in the forthcoming years; successfully!! :D


Tati Aziz said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
i sooo want to be like our parents!
understood each othr so well!

pray i get s'one like our dads,
huh? hehehe

sweet cravings said...

Tati, thanks!! :)

InsyAllah, I'll pray for you.
I know you deserve better! A whole lot better!!