Thursday, March 26, 2009

Style Me Pretty (2nd Episode)

Remember the last time when I talked about this??

I am planning on meeting him soon. Discussing on the detailing of my dress... But these couple of days, I've been browsing quite a number of bride- to- be's blogs... and I have found that; most of them are sending their garments to the tailors or bridal house to do their magic. Means, they either bought the fabrics themselves or, got the item for their engagement. Like in my case, my engagement hantaran were excluding the solemnization's attire.

Then, I am having a second though. Hehehhe

Should I let him do all the planing, thinking and realization of my dress to him?? With my involvement and green light to proceed la.. :P

Eee, pening la.. Although the wedding is in 10 months time. I'm starting to feel the heat.. :P

But, can you give your piece of mind on this??

PS/ This is actually the person I'm referring you people to...


*HeRdA* said...

waaa excited erk..hehehe..biaselee same mcm akak dulu wedding dah lain..sgt best..rasa mcm nak kawen lg..hahaha..bukan kawen lain..but married again with the same men..hahaha..anyway..plan betul2..may Allah Bless..

sweet cravings said...

k. herda!! :D

hahah, sgt excited sampai pening la...

akk, mira pernah baca blog org tu, dia buat2 kawin skali lagi dgn husband dia.. mebi you should try.. kot2 pas2, rasa cam baru kawin lagi ke... hahahah