Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why we....??

When I was twelve; I used to watch a cartoon show... It's about skeletons. I can't remember the name of the series. Why I'm telling you this? Because, I like it's starting- somehow sounded like a poem or chanting where it goes something like this;

'In a dark- dark town, there's a dark- dark street. In a dark- dark street, there's a dark- dark house and in the dark- dark house, there's a dark- dark basement....'

(or it sounded something like that) :P.

The point is, we were suppose to support the Earth Hour in Malaysia- 8.30PM- 9.30PM today; 28th March 2009.

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Where were you people at these time???

I was in the car, with a darling girlfriend- on our way back from PICC- the wedding expo exhibition, back to Shah Alam...

What did we see along the way???

We saw lights EVERYWHERE!!

What a bummer!!

There's nothing to be proud of. It's obvious that there are still little conscious amongst ourselves.

But we still whine why does it gets hotter day by day? Why are we having all the unusual mother- nature disasters?




And we whine....


And whine... some more!

It's such a disappointment- really!

I don't know what is wrong with us? We complain but still refuse to participate in this kind of event!


But I know my dad supports the switching- the- lights- off event!! :) He does it all the time... and eventually loves the dark. Hehehe. While me and my mom;we would complain on the usual days but- on 'Earth- Hour'; we've done our parts! ;)

Perhaps, we should try again next year folks! Lets have more conscience...

ps/ The exhibition in PICC was sort of dissapointing- :( It was way out of my expectations. So, there were nothing fancyfor my catch- of- the- day.. Huhu


ComotGurl said...


Tak ajak sara pun p wedding exhibition tu..


Sara xtau pun ada event tu..

Oh, btw, sara pun agak dissapointed with some people who are less concern about this kind of issue..

Sbb, smlm sara p pantau sekitar Baiduri ni, masih ramai yg buka je lampu around 830-930mlm..

Apa slhnya kita menyokong EARTH HOUR ni kan, coz if expecting us to switch off lamps with our own awareness, ssh le sket kan..

So bila ada nye campaign cenggini, at least it helps..

Kan, kan..



sweet cravings said...

erk, alamak sara.. kitorang pun last minute nye plan.. & if xpg pun xpe je.. rasa cam xde ape yg menarik.. :P

btw, Earth Hour smlm mmg sgt disappointing laa. All the way dr puchong sampai ke klang pun, still ramai je yg bukak lampu...

& we still complain on the global warming kan?? br suh tutup lampu sejam- pun... ssh...


Tati Aziz said...

x ajak me jgak!
tp i kat melaka pun..

Nek was excited mlm tu.
Tp lambat sket kluar bilik
untuk acara pemadaman lampu rumah
sebab dia mengaji dulu..

it's sad that there are
many more M'sians yg selfish.
they want a gud place to live in,
tp xmau cooperate utk jaga..
humans mmg cmtu agknye.
but i think xyah tunggu nxt yr..
setiap hr pun boleh
contribute save the earth,right?

sweet cravings said...

hahah... see, Nek pun excited! :)

hmm, bole je nak start saving everyday but, some of us may find it too hard... nak contribute for that one hour pun ssh.. :P

I didn't expect to see absolute pitch dark places around here but, I would be very happy if most of us would...


ssh la..

Most of us are still selfish and self denial...

'kalau aku tutup lampu pun, blum tentu org lain buat..'