Sunday, April 26, 2009

Penglipur Lara

I'm not feeling too well these few days... I've had sore throats which I've never liked; oh, anyone does?? :P

Well, nothing much, I've some exciting news but... nothing has been finalized yet...

Tapi tak sabar!!


I've been asking around for the bridal package- in my home town. She seems like offering me a real good package... wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy below my expected price!!! *big grin* :D However, I need to see her first as we need to know further whether she can meet up my yardstick... Hah, I know, I know... I'm super fussy! Tapi, bak kata my dad; kahwin sekali je seumur hidup... InsyAllah :)

I've decided to opt for a local bridal package because of- the cost of course... I can get better price there I hope! :P Well, these are the few things that I asked her to include in the package-

1. Baju Bersanding
(L&P: 1st hand- I want a new one but, on rental basis la.. it will cost lesser than making a whole new dress for meself :P)

2. Pelamin- fresh flowers
3. Make up & accessories

She said that she'll include these items FOC:
1. Arc
2. Hand bouquet- fresh flowers
3. Set renjis

pic from The Knot

All for ?+++k.... :P


Saya mahu melompat- lompat kegirangan because its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy below my expectation....


I shall not get too giddy about it... It could not be what I've expected... Huh

So, calm down Mira...!
Take a huge breath and get cracking on you case study!!! :P

I am soo tagging my mom & dad along next weekend!!! Weee,
<So, Mak & Ayah- please have the weekend free yeh??? (Cheit- ade ke patut cakap kat sini?? :P)>

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jatuh cinta...?? :P

Ye, saya jatuh cinta dengan baju nikah Sari Yanti ini... :)
Love the simplicity and elegance in the details...

It's pretty!!

Pics are from here :)

Toodles :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Theme of the day

I was browsing through the net... doing a bit of blog hopping, surveying, googling and such... :) I know it's time for me to decide the theme for my wedding... 9 months to go but, I feel like I don't have much time though... huhu

I kindda like The Knot- a site full of wedding ideas. Although it's more of the Western's but, I am so into it.. Ngeheheh... It's NOT like I'm going to have the Western's theme for my wedding. Nak kena bunuh dengan my parents for wanting to overspend??? Hahah :D It's just that I like very much of the idea of getting the ideas... hee, faham?? :P They are soooo into the detailing of stuffs.

Well, I had black & white theme at first but, macam ramai je nak buat theme tu... rasa x best pulak... Da la tu, nak buat wedding kat Melaka- of course there will be a LOT more of limited things... kan?? Like the other day, I went to butik andaman in Melaka & the situation went something like this:

(Situasi 1)

Sales Assistant 1: "Apa tema majlis akak??"

Saya : "Rasanya, nak buat hitam putih... hee"

Sales Assistant 1 : "Ooo, ok la tu kak, orang x ramai buat lagi.. "(senyum serba salah)

Sales Assistant 2 : "Ee, kenapa adik tanak buat kaler- kaler yang meriah??? Macam akak dulu- hah, nak warna merah la, hijau la biru la..." (sila baca dalam nada Cik Joyah)

Saya : "Err.. hee" (dalam hati: 'eee, dia tak tau ke aku nak less- is- more???')

(Situasi 2- kedai yang sama)
Saya : "Oh, saya tak nak la baju persalinan yang lain ni... saya nak baju bersanding aje :)"

Sales Assistant 1 : "Kalau akak tak nak, kita bole kurangkan harga... :)"

Sometimes later...

Sales Assistant 2 : "Eee, adik, kenapa tak nak baju persalinan lain??? rugi je.. kita kawin sekali je, rasa la pakai baju macam2..." (sekali lagi; baca dengan intonasi Cik Joyah) :P


Mungkin la ade butik andaman yang bole tolerate with my demand... tapi, unfortunately, belum jumpa lagi... huhu.

By the way, berbalik pada The Knot itu tadi; I did a quiz 'Which Wedding Colours Suits Your Style Best?'. So, here's the result :)

Rustic and Elegant Colors

Colors inspired by nature and the outdoors are what you’re after. The hues in this palette can run the gamut from bold to mild, but the beauty of the outdoors ultimately inspires all of them. Our current favorite combo in this palette combines color-of-the-moment chocolate with a beautiful soft green (1). Think of how gorgeous your invites will be when chocolate-colored card stock gets accented with a bright green border or ribbon. Dress your maids in the same way -- rich brown gowns enhanced with a collection of green blossoms such as roses, orchids and hydrangea. For a more dressed up take on natural hues, pair a warm copper and a cool mauve (2). We also love the dramatic contrast of cornflower yellow and rich eggplant (go overboard with irises!) (3). And if you want a warm, modern combo, try out tomato red and hay (4).

Source from here

Ye, I kindda like the first option! The combination of green and brown ;) Oh, but I was thinking to add pearl white to it... Think somthing like this:

Source from here

Source from here

Err, macam too much pun ade... what ever pun, you do get the rough idea of the theme right??? Kalau tak, I'll post another entry later- after I get more pics to convince you... heheh :P By the way, most of these are the ideas for the bits and pieces during the wedding. The decorations and stuffs... On the baju and such- I have not yet made up my mind... I have to consider the groom jugak kan?? Hee.. There are so much to think much to do... yet, I have limited time and cash to spend on... :P

Tp, sila- lah berangan dahulu dan, sila- lah maksimum kan tahap imaginasi anda! hahahha and try to make it into reality... Amin :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



This semester is about to end... Baru je habis exam Law yang sangat membunuh itu tadi.. huhuhu... Well, just another submission of a case study and, I'm done for the semester... weee :)

Jadi, sekarang....

Saya sangat bersungguh untuk memulakan bride- hunting!!! ;)

Since my wedding would be held in Melaka, I am sooooo looking forward to start looking there... (I found another bride- to- be from Melaka too... So, I hope we'd be able to exchange some info later... ;))

I hope to update you folks very soon and often... :)

See ya!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

He's Back :)

Hi folks!

I've been extremely busy with my assignments and stuffs & an preparing for another exam next week.. huhu.. (wish me luck!!) :))

By the way, there's nothing much to be updated pun... I will update soon after my exam next week :P

Just a huge relief that Mr Fiance is back home... :)

Ps/ Thank you for all the bits and pieces Mister!! ;)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stress datang lagi!

Saya stress...

Stress dengan tugasan- tugasan pelajaran

Stress dengan bakal peperiksaan

Stress dengan cuaca

Stress dengan keadaan

Stress juga dengan situasi politik


Saya perlukan percutian

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hole in the pocket

I think I am at unstable mode. With deadlines around the corner and finals coming up soon on the third week of this month. I think I'm going NUTS!

The point is... I get demotivated easily and in order for me to 'make- up' or get myself the motivations that I needed; I need to have retail therapy. And.... I can't do much of it because I am not working (now I wish I didn't quit from working... ngheheheh. AS IF!!) :P

I should be thankful to have such supportive parents who are always there to provide my needs and wants... Despite of me; who's always seems to be burning a huge hole in their pocket... (yeah- yeah, I do feel guilty but; can anyone get me a job that only requires me to work from 8am- 5pm, Monday to Friday only,non- stressful job, great bosses... :D oh, not forgetting- a really handsome paycheck every month??!!)

pic is from:

Oh, back to the retail therapy. I usually try to get myself something to indulge in- obviously it's gonna be involved with money! :P Apparently I cannot have the manicure or pedicure treats that I used to enjoy, nor the hair treatment and facials and stuffs that often anymore.


How can I 'treat' myself without burning a huge hole in my pocket???

Anyone with the idea?? :P

Oh now, I crave for something sweeeeeet. Cake to be exact! I went to Secret Recipe In Jusco Bukit Tinggi but unfortunately, they don't provide the Wi- Fi service. So, I had to go to Starbucks. Err.. Israeli's aite?? But, I get confused sometimes- I mean... I love Islam and hate to see such terror in Gaza but, I cannot let the Malay-Muslims to be jobless here (Malaysia)...

What's your say folks??