Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hole in the pocket

I think I am at unstable mode. With deadlines around the corner and finals coming up soon on the third week of this month. I think I'm going NUTS!

The point is... I get demotivated easily and in order for me to 'make- up' or get myself the motivations that I needed; I need to have retail therapy. And.... I can't do much of it because I am not working (now I wish I didn't quit from working... ngheheheh. AS IF!!) :P

I should be thankful to have such supportive parents who are always there to provide my needs and wants... Despite of me; who's always seems to be burning a huge hole in their pocket... (yeah- yeah, I do feel guilty but; can anyone get me a job that only requires me to work from 8am- 5pm, Monday to Friday only,non- stressful job, great bosses... :D oh, not forgetting- a really handsome paycheck every month??!!)

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Oh, back to the retail therapy. I usually try to get myself something to indulge in- obviously it's gonna be involved with money! :P Apparently I cannot have the manicure or pedicure treats that I used to enjoy, nor the hair treatment and facials and stuffs that often anymore.


How can I 'treat' myself without burning a huge hole in my pocket???

Anyone with the idea?? :P

Oh now, I crave for something sweeeeeet. Cake to be exact! I went to Secret Recipe In Jusco Bukit Tinggi but unfortunately, they don't provide the Wi- Fi service. So, I had to go to Starbucks. Err.. Israeli's aite?? But, I get confused sometimes- I mean... I love Islam and hate to see such terror in Gaza but, I cannot let the Malay-Muslims to be jobless here (Malaysia)...

What's your say folks??


anil lutaze said...

i dah x mkn mcd sejak peristiwa tersebut.. ;P

sweet cravings said...

caya lah anil!! ;)