Sunday, April 26, 2009

Penglipur Lara

I'm not feeling too well these few days... I've had sore throats which I've never liked; oh, anyone does?? :P

Well, nothing much, I've some exciting news but... nothing has been finalized yet...

Tapi tak sabar!!


I've been asking around for the bridal package- in my home town. She seems like offering me a real good package... wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy below my expected price!!! *big grin* :D However, I need to see her first as we need to know further whether she can meet up my yardstick... Hah, I know, I know... I'm super fussy! Tapi, bak kata my dad; kahwin sekali je seumur hidup... InsyAllah :)

I've decided to opt for a local bridal package because of- the cost of course... I can get better price there I hope! :P Well, these are the few things that I asked her to include in the package-

1. Baju Bersanding
(L&P: 1st hand- I want a new one but, on rental basis la.. it will cost lesser than making a whole new dress for meself :P)

2. Pelamin- fresh flowers
3. Make up & accessories

She said that she'll include these items FOC:
1. Arc
2. Hand bouquet- fresh flowers
3. Set renjis

pic from The Knot

All for ?+++k.... :P


Saya mahu melompat- lompat kegirangan because its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy below my expectation....


I shall not get too giddy about it... It could not be what I've expected... Huh

So, calm down Mira...!
Take a huge breath and get cracking on you case study!!! :P

I am soo tagging my mom & dad along next weekend!!! Weee,
<So, Mak & Ayah- please have the weekend free yeh??? (Cheit- ade ke patut cakap kat sini?? :P)>


anil lutaze said...

aah dear...u pg meeting dulu then tgk hasil kerja fren pernah dpt package mmg murah jgk...semua die kate boleh...then bila baju dah siap sumer bagai...menanges2 sbb sumer jd disaster...dia gune semua material murah...

**i pon takot benda2 ni semua jd...katakanlah siap pon dkt2 tarikh..x ke gila...ahak...mmg sgt berhati2 kena ada n biarlah cerewet2 kt org tu biar die takottt..hehehe

sweet cravings said...

huhuh.. tu la.. a few days after ni pon i t'pk benda yang same... especially the baju... huhuhu..

tp, x pe la kot.. meet them first. & tgk, bole tak derang cope with my demands.. hahaha..

thanks for the reminder dearie!! :)

anil lutaze said...

no probs dear..nnti dah jumpe update prkembgn k..