Friday, May 29, 2009

Saya., dia & ....

I'm kindda busy at the moment and, it has nothing to do with the wedding preparations... sobs! I am soooo looking forward for my mom's visit over here next week so, we can do some clarifications and decide on a few things... :)

The first thing on my list is to see Nik Erwan Roseli for some final discussions on my solemnization dress!! I am so looking forward into it! ;)

Next, I plan to do a bit of discussion with soon- to- be- my- photographer....! I have a few in my mind but, I kindda like this one from Ariff Aris and; here some of the pics from him

Saya seperti jatuh hati dengan hasil kerja beliau... but, if any of you who can suggest any other photographer for me; I will be more than happy to consider them too... ;) I know that I am a bit behind (banyak je... huhu) compared to Amy and WLT (since we share almost the same remaining time on our wedding ticker... :P) Tapi, saya mahu maju jugak! heheh..

In addition to my worries; I had a nightmare last night... Ye, mimpi sangat buruk- I was late for my own wedding; make- up sangat horror with no reliable photographer and the surroundings were frantic! Ya Allah, silalah jauhkan dari situasi sebegitu... Amiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Huhuh

Till then, see you later folks! ;)

Oh, I still owe Amy the tag... Will be on that soon I hope! Sorry Amy! :">

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sesuatu~~ :)

Sebenarnya, tak de apa pun yang nak di update...huhu. But I just wanna share some ideas though.. Yang ini macam interesting sebab, I have never come across this kind of hantaran's theme... Some of you may had seen it before but, don't mind me... heheh. For hantaran deco, I am soooo into fresh flowers- eversince I was scouting for my engagement's hantaran ideas last year. Ngehehe, kantoi minah bunga! Ahaks! :P

All these pics are taken from Yante Touch :)

**click on the pic for a larger view**

lilin wangi -

This is cool sebab, orang selalu kasi bunga rampai, pot pouri and stuffs... but this one is scented candles with coffee beans~ kan? macam best... hehe :P

chocolate -

See? It's Nusantara's theme~ sangat jarang- jarang... kadang- kadang :P

Okay, that's all for now.

Till then, later folks!! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Have a jolly good birthday Mister ;)

To my

Have a great 26th birthday Mister! :)

May all your wish will come true and, may we will both be granted the ease in whatever we do....

Amin :)

Free smart tag~ :)

I've been tagged by my loveliness- Sara :) (and since saya 'rajin' untuk membuat pekara lain, saya buat la benda nie! hahah :P)

1)Upload gambar kegemaran anda?Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?

Saya suka gambar ni sebab macam gamba zaman dolu- dolu... erk, mungkin sebab black & white kot.. :P

2)Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Semalam... hasil air tangan sendiri sebab my Mom had been asking for quite sometimes~ hee

3)Lagu terakhir yg anda dengar?
Erk, Halo by Beyonce :)

4)Apa yg sedang anda buat selain dari selesaikan tag ini?
Browsing the internet; checking on my Fb.. haha

5)Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dgn panggilan apa?
Hmm, saya tiada nama timangan. Dari kecil saya dipanggil dengan nama Mira, kadang- kadang Amira. Kalau Mak atau Ayah panggil Siti Amira tu, rasanya... macam ada buat salah.. ngeheh :P

6)Tag lagi 6 org *soalan seterusnya ada kaitan dgn org yg anda tag!hmph!
1. Tati
2. Farhanna
3. Qis
4. WLT
5. Amy
6. Sesiapa yang rajin; tanak tag yang weddingnye dah dekat... huhu, takut. haha :P

Siapa org No. 1 pada anda?
Sepupu terapat saya.. :)

Org No.3 ada hubungan dgn sesiapa?
Dengan En A.. haha

Kata sesuatuh berkenaan org No.5?
Bakal penggantin juga- and ticker kami menunjukkan sisa masa yang lebih kurang sama tp, dia sangat advance! Saya mahu rajin dan pantas sepertinya :D

Bagaimana dgn org No.4?
Dia selalu mendapat bargain yang hebat- terutama dangan fabrik lace beliau... dan dia meletakkan benchmark yang tinggi untuk saya mencari bargain seperti itu... tp, tanpa perlu ke seberang. bole? hahah :P

Siapa org No.2?
Orang Melaka juga!! dan bakal penggantin juga!! :) kami mahu share info sebanyak mungkin :D

Bagi pesanan pada org No.6
Saya berbesar hati jika anda ingin menjawab 'tag' ini... boleh kenal anda lebih lagi harapnya~~ :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pelamin anganku :) *updated*

Ahaks, the title for this entry memang tak boleh blah... :D hehe

By the way, I just wanna share with you the types of pelamin that I'm looking for... I've always fancied white pelamin sebab ia nampak lebih cantik, classy, suci dan murni. Hee :P Here are some of the pics that I've been saving but, unfortunately.... I don't remember the source. But if it happens to be yours, do let me know and will credit it to you... :)

* Yeay, thanks to Diah, I dah tau I got this pic from where~~ it's taken from here- Sonia Sofia Bride Ideas; it is... :)

*Thanks to WLT; this pelamin pic was taken from Adi's photopages~~ thanks dear! :)

This one is from here and it was at the wedding of Nurmala & Mohd Khairul Nizam... :) (**Mala, sorry; tertaip ur dad' s name plak.. huhu)

This is from Lynda Rahim; Kuala Lumpur in Sari Yanti's wedding.

This is a friend of mine punya sister's. Sangat suka!
*The wedding was held in Carcosa Seri Negara but, my friend said that this pelamin was made by Kak Su from Subang, she's a wedding planner from Sheraton Subang... anyone with more info, bole tolong tambah... :)
*As from an anonymous; this pelamin can now be confirmed done by Sonia Sofia Bride Ideas too :)- thanks dear!*

I guess, what I'm looking for in a pelamin is, the tone and simplicity of the design and yet, it has to be classy and I think fresh flowers would just do the magic! ;) Chewah, ye... berangan je la dulu... sebab I am not sure myself what the local (Melaka) bridal house can do.. It's not like I'm looking down on them but, maybe because I haven't seen any. I have browsed several websites but, the pictures does not turn me on... Hahah, macam mana?? So, if any of you who may have the local bridal's contact number, please let me know... I will sure to check it out!! ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reception dress

Since my solemnization dress had been passed to someone to take care of it; I now need to think about my reception dress. :) I went to Jakel the other day and found this lovely solstice lace. Chanteek! My mom also berkenan... tapi, HARGA nye juga chantekkkkkk!! hahahah. Obviously, it's out of budget. :P

I'll not be doing a reception dress for my keeping. Instead, I'm planning to rent it on first hand basis. Kiranya, it's made for us but, instead of buying the dress and keep; you only rent it. It will probably cost a bit more than renting the ready- made- dress but, it should be lesser than buying a whole new dress.

I have not seen any bridal boutique person yet... I see most of the bride- to- be's in my list had gone for their appointments with orang-orang yang sepatutnye. Haihhh, I still have a loonnnggg way to go. Sight!

My dad had been asking about meeting up with the bridal house person that I've mentioned in the previous post. But my parents are quite busy with their work- so, I should just wait. Ouh, for your info- both of my parents are my planning buddies and I tag them along here and there for the surveying... Hahaha. They get excited as well as I am kot.. :P Okay, maybe- a liltle more than I am. Sebab, they went to Nilai 3 without me- with the reason; 'saje je nak tengok- tengok barang'... :D and my dad is sooo rajin with the online surveying. :P Thank you!

Ok, back to the dress- I've not yet decided on the exact theme colour for the wedding yet. Boleh?? Huhuh. But, I do like to have brown tones to go along with it. So, I was thinking that my pelamin should be in white/ off white colour. But, deciding the right coloured dress is killing me. I mean; kalau fikir untuk myself je takpe but, for Mr Fiance too and, it's kindda hard getting him into some senses to think about the wedding details. Hmmmpphh. Respond dia akan berbunyi ' I tak kisah, whatever you think suits you... ' Eeee.

Maaf, saya suka menyimpang cerita. Haihhh :P

Anyway, I found this dress but, it's not the dress that I fancy but, the colour and the ruffles in the first dress is about the same colour as the lace that I've found in Jakel. :) Well to be honest, I am not sure how it would look in a Malay costume for a home reception. Hmmm. Will I look gloomy then??

Both pics are from here.

And, while I was browsing one of my aunt's Eh! Magazine- June 2008 issue; I've found this!

It's not really a gold coloured dress. I reminds me of lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.. Hehe ;) But I kindda like the last dress though but, I'm not skinny enough to look as such. Hmmm.. Sila lah berangan lagi untuk yang lain... mungkin. :p

Monday, May 11, 2009

I wanna go somwhere far.......

Saya mahu peri jauh

Jauh dari semua

Dan kemudian, baru saya kembali...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Ye, saya mempunyai tabiat itu...


Most of the things and details for my wedding- kalau boleh, mahu saja di buat sendiri...
Dari hantaran, bunga pahar, mengihias rumah dan bilik, ke pelamin, cake, card, thank- you tag, arc, dan sebagainya... macam terror sangat saje :P (kecuali baju2- I suck big time in sewing..)

Ye, ye... saya tahu...

Tak mungkin boleh buat semuanye sendiri...

Sila jangan tamak ye?! :)

Tapi- saya mungkin boleh cut cost- berjimat dan, yang penting...

self satisfaction
~~ :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Checklist

I've found a checklist and I thought it may be useful to us all.. heheh These are taken from here

One Year to Six Months Before...
  • Announce Engagement. Order Wedding Rings
  • Meet with both parents to discuss type of wedding (if necessary)
  • Consider hiring a bridal consultant or wedding planner
  • Plan a wedding budget
  • Buy a memory album
  • Choose wedding and reception sites
  • If having a church wedding, meet with clergy
  • Choose attendants
  • Shop for the bride's dress and order it early!
  • Plan color scheme and shop for bridesmaid dresses. Order them as soon as possible - no later than 4 months prior to the wedding
  • Consult travel agent about honeymoon plans
  • Begin planning guest list
  • Order invitations
  • Select and book your photographer, videographer and reception venue
Three to Four Months Before...
  • Complete your guest list
  • Invite out of town guests early
  • Address invitations as soon as they arrive or hire a graphic designer and do it with style
  • If you have not already done so, order your bridesmaid dresses now. Confirm you wedding dress order too
  • Order Groom's, Bestman's and Dad's Tuxedos
  • Book your caterer or restaurant
  • Shop for your wedding cake
  • Choose your florist
  • Plan ceremony and reception details with musicians and or other entertainment
  • Arrange for wedding transportation
  • Complete your honeymoon plans
One to Two Months Before...
  • Buy wedding gifts for each other
  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Plan rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Pick up wedding rings
  • Have final fitting of gown and bridesmaid dresses
  • Have studio wedding portraits taken
  • Contact newspaper regarding wedding announcement
  • Arrange for hotels and out of town guests
  • Send thank you notes for early gifts
Last Two Weeks...
  • Pick up marriage certificate
  • Send announcement to newspaper
  • Have your hair done by hairstylist like you plan to wear on your wedding day. Bring your veil with you
  • Meet with make up consultant for beauty tips
  • Check on honeymoon reservations
  • Buy travelers checks
  • Address wedding announcements, have someone mail them for you on your Wedding day
  • Confirm final details with florist, entertainment rental services, caterers, photographers, reception site, etc.
  • Pay all balances due at this time
Last 48 Hours...
  • Pick up the tuxedos from the tux shop
  • Time to start relaxing. Try to stay calm, all your careful planning will pay off
  • Rehearsal dinner - give attendants their gifts
  • Congratulations... you made it! Remember this is the beginning of the rest of your life together!
ps/ These are just some guidelines for us. Personally I think some of it are quite unnecessary. :P

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hi folks... :)

I have been really busy with loads of stuff- unrelated to the wedding of course; well- most of it la.. there are a few things that I have managed to get myself into for the past week... :)

Okay, lets start with last Wednesday...
I've managed to get meself a meeting session into his busy schedule!! I've been trying to fix the meeting for weeks and finally...!! I did it! And with it, he' s now my official designer and dress maker for my solemnization's dress! Wee~~

And last Thursday, my semester break starts officially. :) I can't wait to finish it all by the year ends.. hehehe.

I am suppose to meet one of the bridal person last weekend- as mentioned in my previous entry but, I didn't get the chance to... So, I had to postpone it to some other time.. Isk, tak pe la... I'm on a long hols anyway! ;)

Yesterday... me and my whole family went to Holiday Inn -Melaka for a high- tea session but, I have to say; the food were plain... I mean, it was something like the- breakfast- buffet- leftovers... Sangat tidak patut for a 5 star hotel!! *boo-hoo*
With that, I just have to give them 1 star only cuz, the floor wasn't that spic- and- span either.. hahaha.
Anyways, thanks to my Mom for the treat... ;)

After that, we went to SSF Melaka!! They are opening a showroom here- in Jalan Hang Tuah... Right in the MCA's building- I think. It was super fun!! Well, the stuffs tak la sebanyak in Sri Damansara's but- it was ok la... :)
Owh, I am now an official SSF plus- card-member! Hahaha.. with only RM50- instead of RM300!! :D Saya suka dan berasa sangat bahagia. But, it's not like I'll be slaving myself to shop with it but, at least... bole la collect points yang tak seberapa tu kan..?? :P

By the way- to the bride- to- be's- who's looking for the square- shaped decos like what WLT had mentioned- (looks something like this)


Adlin & Emelda's
(Both pics were taken from WLT)

These squares costs about RM49.90 in SSF... I'm not sure what kind of reactions to give because, I've never seen it else where.. hehhe.. ok la kot.. If you decided to buy, lepas kahwin, letak la deco rumah sendiri.. :D heheh

Dan semalam juga, my dad bought me new lights for my bedroom!!
Wee~~~ sangat suka!!

And now, I feel sooo, inspired- but malas.. hahah

See ya! :)