Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pelamin anganku :) *updated*

Ahaks, the title for this entry memang tak boleh blah... :D hehe

By the way, I just wanna share with you the types of pelamin that I'm looking for... I've always fancied white pelamin sebab ia nampak lebih cantik, classy, suci dan murni. Hee :P Here are some of the pics that I've been saving but, unfortunately.... I don't remember the source. But if it happens to be yours, do let me know and will credit it to you... :)

* Yeay, thanks to Diah, I dah tau I got this pic from where~~ it's taken from here- Sonia Sofia Bride Ideas; it is... :)

*Thanks to WLT; this pelamin pic was taken from Adi's photopages~~ thanks dear! :)

This one is from here and it was at the wedding of Nurmala & Mohd Khairul Nizam... :) (**Mala, sorry; tertaip ur dad' s name plak.. huhu)

This is from Lynda Rahim; Kuala Lumpur in Sari Yanti's wedding.

This is a friend of mine punya sister's. Sangat suka!
*The wedding was held in Carcosa Seri Negara but, my friend said that this pelamin was made by Kak Su from Subang, she's a wedding planner from Sheraton Subang... anyone with more info, bole tolong tambah... :)
*As from an anonymous; this pelamin can now be confirmed done by Sonia Sofia Bride Ideas too :)- thanks dear!*

I guess, what I'm looking for in a pelamin is, the tone and simplicity of the design and yet, it has to be classy and I think fresh flowers would just do the magic! ;) Chewah, ye... berangan je la dulu... sebab I am not sure myself what the local (Melaka) bridal house can do.. It's not like I'm looking down on them but, maybe because I haven't seen any. I have browsed several websites but, the pictures does not turn me on... Hahah, macam mana?? So, if any of you who may have the local bridal's contact number, please let me know... I will sure to check it out!! ;)


Reena said...

hye..the last one tue lain dr yg lain. kreatif.
p.s: harga pelamin skrg sgt duduk kejap jek

hidden.wing said...

white chiffon backdrop - my all time fave!

anil lutaze said...

last tu gile kool...santeknya

farhanna said...

waaa cite rs kite sama... btw bile nk kawen and lokasi?

farhanna said...

sy kg sri mnyak umbai, jgn lupe jmput sy sis..leh share idea, u amik mak andam kat ner? rs nye sng kte borak kt ym.. mik id sy nnt add ye, add ye... tq

dialicious said...

the first and the last one tu mcm konsep pelamin Sonia Sofia Bride je yg wedd planner tu.yg arma punye pelamin tu is my blogfren's wedding

Luv like this.... said...

y last sekali tu cun la...sape y wat?link u..hope u dun mind k

sweet cravings said...

reena: tu la.. tp, it's like one of the most important prop kan?? haih~ :P

wlt: yup, me too.. classy la.. :)

anil: saya setuju!!

farhanna: yey, will add you for sure.. umbai dkt je dgn jasin, nnt kt story2 k?? :)

diah: ok, nnt i check blk.. & thanks for sharing! :)

luv like this: ya, sure i don't mind..:) nnt i cek blk dgn my fren & update ye?? :)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

- pelamin yg last tu sangat cantik..naseb la i x tgk b4 kahwin dulu..kalau x sure tiru..ehehe!!

- i pon sangat admire dengan perkahwinan yg serba putih. nampak suci gitu

- mazlan tu my father..wuuuaaa~~

- pelamin sonia sofea bride idea tu pon ada kat my blog sbb itu ialah pelamin impian yg pertama sekali masa i mula2 search for pelamin. tapi bila i pergi survey, mak datok...hg dia almost RM12k.. i x mampu..

= i x kisah la dear ;p

princessdHani said...

i ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ the last one! simple but with a pop of color! just the way i like it :)

sweet cravings said...

nurmala: alamak, malu gile ok... :"> hehe. i'm so, so sorry sbb dgn konfidennye type 'nurmala & mazlan'.. sangat2 sorry!! :)

princessdhani: yup, i love it to!! :)

AmyMizzunderstood said...

the last one sangat cantek..nice and simple!after this merisikgallery kena banyak buat research bout dais!!hihihi

sweet cravings said...

amy: betol2, nnt bole expand lagi ur biz!! ;) good luck dear!

hidden.wing said...

dear, 2nd pelamin tu from adiputra.

dah complete kan! hehehe

sweet cravings said...

wlt, thanks a lot dear!! :D heheh, it's now completed! phewww! :P

Anonymous said...

last pelamin is from sonia sofia bride ideas.

sweet cravings said...

Anonymous: really..?? tu from sonia sofia ye?? thanks dear!