Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reception dress

Since my solemnization dress had been passed to someone to take care of it; I now need to think about my reception dress. :) I went to Jakel the other day and found this lovely solstice lace. Chanteek! My mom also berkenan... tapi, HARGA nye juga chantekkkkkk!! hahahah. Obviously, it's out of budget. :P

I'll not be doing a reception dress for my keeping. Instead, I'm planning to rent it on first hand basis. Kiranya, it's made for us but, instead of buying the dress and keep; you only rent it. It will probably cost a bit more than renting the ready- made- dress but, it should be lesser than buying a whole new dress.

I have not seen any bridal boutique person yet... I see most of the bride- to- be's in my list had gone for their appointments with orang-orang yang sepatutnye. Haihhh, I still have a loonnnggg way to go. Sight!

My dad had been asking about meeting up with the bridal house person that I've mentioned in the previous post. But my parents are quite busy with their work- so, I should just wait. Ouh, for your info- both of my parents are my planning buddies and I tag them along here and there for the surveying... Hahaha. They get excited as well as I am kot.. :P Okay, maybe- a liltle more than I am. Sebab, they went to Nilai 3 without me- with the reason; 'saje je nak tengok- tengok barang'... :D and my dad is sooo rajin with the online surveying. :P Thank you!

Ok, back to the dress- I've not yet decided on the exact theme colour for the wedding yet. Boleh?? Huhuh. But, I do like to have brown tones to go along with it. So, I was thinking that my pelamin should be in white/ off white colour. But, deciding the right coloured dress is killing me. I mean; kalau fikir untuk myself je takpe but, for Mr Fiance too and, it's kindda hard getting him into some senses to think about the wedding details. Hmmmpphh. Respond dia akan berbunyi ' I tak kisah, whatever you think suits you... ' Eeee.

Maaf, saya suka menyimpang cerita. Haihhh :P

Anyway, I found this dress but, it's not the dress that I fancy but, the colour and the ruffles in the first dress is about the same colour as the lace that I've found in Jakel. :) Well to be honest, I am not sure how it would look in a Malay costume for a home reception. Hmmm. Will I look gloomy then??

Both pics are from here.

And, while I was browsing one of my aunt's Eh! Magazine- June 2008 issue; I've found this!

It's not really a gold coloured dress. I reminds me of lattes, mochas and cappuccinos.. Hehe ;) But I kindda like the last dress though but, I'm not skinny enough to look as such. Hmmm.. Sila lah berangan lagi untuk yang lain... mungkin. :p


farhanna said...

nak tnya, sis org mne?

dialicious said...

hey there..i've linked u already!i love baking and frantically love sweet desserts!huhu..and work out like crazy to lose off weight..(masih tak kurus2).u r so lucky coz my parents betol2 x masuk campur..or prolly they r afraid to interrupt my plans..huhuh..i think brown is a great color to pair with any color..my fav is brown&pink..base would be brown..pink would be the player!:)

sweet cravings said...

farhanna, saya org Jasin, Melaka.. :P awak melaka jgk kan?? kat ne? hee

Anonymous said...

i like the last dress..!

sweet cravings said...

Hi dia!! :) ha'ah.. to la.. I love baking too tp, tu la.. nak kurus susah gila sbb bila bake, mesti la nak makan.. ahaksss!

tu la..pink layers mcm menarik! Hee, we'll see cam ne.. thanks dear! :)

sweet cravings said...

beddyboo, I like that one too!

Eh, dia, sorry.. tertaip byk sgt 'tu la'.. haha

SK said...

baek nye ur dad browse around for you kat internet! :)

sweet cravings said...

SK: ahaks,tu la... he gets a bit more excited more than I am at times.. :P alhamdulillah for that :)

hidden.wing said...

that last dress really really fab!

for outdoor wedding, tiffany & brown quite a nice combo ehhe!

anil lutaze said...

bju last tu mmg kool..cosry kan...btolkan kalau saya silap

sweet cravings said...

wlt: eh, i suka la Tiffany & brown.. chenteekk.. seen a few kat dlm The Knot, I think.. :)

Anil: 100 markah untuk anda!! ;) tepat skali.. heehe