Thursday, May 21, 2009

sesuatu~~ :)

Sebenarnya, tak de apa pun yang nak di update...huhu. But I just wanna share some ideas though.. Yang ini macam interesting sebab, I have never come across this kind of hantaran's theme... Some of you may had seen it before but, don't mind me... heheh. For hantaran deco, I am soooo into fresh flowers- eversince I was scouting for my engagement's hantaran ideas last year. Ngehehe, kantoi minah bunga! Ahaks! :P

All these pics are taken from Yante Touch :)

**click on the pic for a larger view**

lilin wangi -

This is cool sebab, orang selalu kasi bunga rampai, pot pouri and stuffs... but this one is scented candles with coffee beans~ kan? macam best... hehe :P

chocolate -

See? It's Nusantara's theme~ sangat jarang- jarang... kadang- kadang :P

Okay, that's all for now.

Till then, later folks!! :)


NahWaL said...

something new, tak pernah jumper. but it looses the fairy tale touch. only my opinion though. dont mind me.;)

bila nikah?

sweet cravings said...

nahwal.. in someway, i do agree with you... hee. i'm not a real fan to go against the common wedding stuffs that much... :) but, just sharing the difference..

insyAllah nikah nya awal next year.. :)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

erm..sumthing new..
persal la x terfikir dulu kan?

sweet cravings said...

mala: tu la... i pun br jupe :) xpe, u bole gak buat mcm tu, bg pressie kat ur hubby~ ;)

NahWaL said...

HAha kak mala nanti renew akad nikah.ceh.ingat western plak.huhu.

anil lutaze said...

unik...u go girl!!

sweet cravings said...

anil!! :D tu la kan? something's different kan? :)

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