Monday, May 4, 2009


Hi folks... :)

I have been really busy with loads of stuff- unrelated to the wedding of course; well- most of it la.. there are a few things that I have managed to get myself into for the past week... :)

Okay, lets start with last Wednesday...
I've managed to get meself a meeting session into his busy schedule!! I've been trying to fix the meeting for weeks and finally...!! I did it! And with it, he' s now my official designer and dress maker for my solemnization's dress! Wee~~

And last Thursday, my semester break starts officially. :) I can't wait to finish it all by the year ends.. hehehe.

I am suppose to meet one of the bridal person last weekend- as mentioned in my previous entry but, I didn't get the chance to... So, I had to postpone it to some other time.. Isk, tak pe la... I'm on a long hols anyway! ;)

Yesterday... me and my whole family went to Holiday Inn -Melaka for a high- tea session but, I have to say; the food were plain... I mean, it was something like the- breakfast- buffet- leftovers... Sangat tidak patut for a 5 star hotel!! *boo-hoo*
With that, I just have to give them 1 star only cuz, the floor wasn't that spic- and- span either.. hahaha.
Anyways, thanks to my Mom for the treat... ;)

After that, we went to SSF Melaka!! They are opening a showroom here- in Jalan Hang Tuah... Right in the MCA's building- I think. It was super fun!! Well, the stuffs tak la sebanyak in Sri Damansara's but- it was ok la... :)
Owh, I am now an official SSF plus- card-member! Hahaha.. with only RM50- instead of RM300!! :D Saya suka dan berasa sangat bahagia. But, it's not like I'll be slaving myself to shop with it but, at least... bole la collect points yang tak seberapa tu kan..?? :P

By the way- to the bride- to- be's- who's looking for the square- shaped decos like what WLT had mentioned- (looks something like this)


Adlin & Emelda's
(Both pics were taken from WLT)

These squares costs about RM49.90 in SSF... I'm not sure what kind of reactions to give because, I've never seen it else where.. hehhe.. ok la kot.. If you decided to buy, lepas kahwin, letak la deco rumah sendiri.. :D heheh

Dan semalam juga, my dad bought me new lights for my bedroom!!
Wee~~~ sangat suka!!

And now, I feel sooo, inspired- but malas.. hahah

See ya! :)


Mr & Mrs MonDoK said...

.:: Beruntungnyer majlis kahwin banyak disponsor... Hhhmmm... Congrats & Selamat MElayari Bahtera Perkahwinan... ::.

sweet cravings said...

K.Adar, mana ade disponsor.. 0% installment je.. haha :P