Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Checklist

I've found a checklist and I thought it may be useful to us all.. heheh These are taken from here

One Year to Six Months Before...
  • Announce Engagement. Order Wedding Rings
  • Meet with both parents to discuss type of wedding (if necessary)
  • Consider hiring a bridal consultant or wedding planner
  • Plan a wedding budget
  • Buy a memory album
  • Choose wedding and reception sites
  • If having a church wedding, meet with clergy
  • Choose attendants
  • Shop for the bride's dress and order it early!
  • Plan color scheme and shop for bridesmaid dresses. Order them as soon as possible - no later than 4 months prior to the wedding
  • Consult travel agent about honeymoon plans
  • Begin planning guest list
  • Order invitations
  • Select and book your photographer, videographer and reception venue
Three to Four Months Before...
  • Complete your guest list
  • Invite out of town guests early
  • Address invitations as soon as they arrive or hire a graphic designer and do it with style
  • If you have not already done so, order your bridesmaid dresses now. Confirm you wedding dress order too
  • Order Groom's, Bestman's and Dad's Tuxedos
  • Book your caterer or restaurant
  • Shop for your wedding cake
  • Choose your florist
  • Plan ceremony and reception details with musicians and or other entertainment
  • Arrange for wedding transportation
  • Complete your honeymoon plans
One to Two Months Before...
  • Buy wedding gifts for each other
  • Mail wedding invitations
  • Plan rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Pick up wedding rings
  • Have final fitting of gown and bridesmaid dresses
  • Have studio wedding portraits taken
  • Contact newspaper regarding wedding announcement
  • Arrange for hotels and out of town guests
  • Send thank you notes for early gifts
Last Two Weeks...
  • Pick up marriage certificate
  • Send announcement to newspaper
  • Have your hair done by hairstylist like you plan to wear on your wedding day. Bring your veil with you
  • Meet with make up consultant for beauty tips
  • Check on honeymoon reservations
  • Buy travelers checks
  • Address wedding announcements, have someone mail them for you on your Wedding day
  • Confirm final details with florist, entertainment rental services, caterers, photographers, reception site, etc.
  • Pay all balances due at this time
Last 48 Hours...
  • Pick up the tuxedos from the tux shop
  • Time to start relaxing. Try to stay calm, all your careful planning will pay off
  • Rehearsal dinner - give attendants their gifts
  • Congratulations... you made it! Remember this is the beginning of the rest of your life together!
ps/ These are just some guidelines for us. Personally I think some of it are quite unnecessary. :P


Tati Aziz said...

is this list still relevant in 3-5 years to come?huhuhu

sweet cravings said...

yup! it's timeless..

Dayu said...

issskkk check list ni mmg dulu dah ada
siap print bagai
tp hakikatnya
smua tak terikut pun
perancangan smua lari..tak sama langsung...

tapi buat panduan mmg bagus la

farhanna said...

same la.. dh print dah.. p x tgk pun.. tambah2 lame lg...kuikui

sweet cravings said...

hahah.. tu la, aceli da lma gla save mende ni dlm laptop.. tp, x penah endah pun... :P but.. just for the sake of sharing.. :)

anil lutaze said...

saya x larat nk tgk checklist tu lg...huhhh....boleh x...

sweet cravings said...

anil,x yah tengok.. saya rasa anda lebih advance dari list ini.. ;)