Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mahu ini...

Tak de benda pun nak update lagi.. haha.. mesti korang bosan je kan? A few posts from my previous entries had me saying 'takde benda nak update...' darn! But, I've been away from my lappies for several days, plus ke-bengong-an internet di rumah... Been busy on trying to keep up with the urge to make sure that my grandpa eats, sleeps and okay at the hopital korok tu... Really... I am pissed with the nurses there... Grrr!

Anyway, I've seen a few of Dina Wedding's videos... Rasa cam jatuh chenta pulak with their work... huhu. This is one of their piece of work... :) Best je ada videographer... The other day macam rasa macam tak perlu je but now, I think I want one... I think la... will have to see how's the money is doing first.. hee :P

I've been trying to upload the video for a few days now but, I just failed to... tak tau la if the internet connection in my house ni tidak hebat pencapaiannya atau sebab benda lain... do forgive me! :"> please click the url below to watch it yeh? :P


hidden.wing said...

syahdu je tengok bride tu nangis & groom tu usap2 tgn dia before sarungkan cincin hehehe

sweet cravings said...

wlt: kan?? rasa cam nak nangis jugak je rasanya.. heheh :P tp, best la.. suka! tp, harus tgk budget dlu.. huhu

abdul hadi said...

Hi sweet cravings,

thank you from dinawedding™ team...coz sebut our branding kat ur blog...terharu sangat...


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