Wednesday, June 17, 2009

opinions~ :)

Hi folks!

Gosh, lama sangat tak update... I've been busy lately and, Alhamdulillah... my grandpa is recovering a lot! The stitches are dried and it is in its peeling process. Its just that, he still couldn't get up yet and, its probably because of the broken ribs kot.. but, he'd started moving a lot- minus, the 'adoi- doi- doi'... :)

Honestly, the wedding preparations are going nowhere! I am in the midst of surveying the photographers.. Yes, I am like the midnight train plus, the additional delays macam KTMB.. hahah. Jadinya, lambat laaa :D

I was talking about the photographers to Mr Fiance the other day, and I blurted out a suggestion on sharing the photographer for our wedding. I mean, hiring them three days in a row- the solemnization night, reception on my side and his side (My fiance's house is 15 minutes away from mine so, one shot of the 'dosage' is the easiest! ;)) It feels easier and more economical... Heee, rasanya lah.

These are the lots that I'm eying on;
  1. Ariff Aris
  2. Shazli Shots
  3. Nazim Zafri
  4. Myphotographer

pic from here :)

Okay, can somebody tell me what to look for from a wedding photographer? since I am so buta- fotografi. Hee. A picture tells a thousand stories! ;) So, personally, for a person like me- I'd like to see well edited photos- and the designs of kerawang- kerawang on the pictures are a huge turn off for me! Kerawang looks nice on baju kebaya tapi, tidak dia atas gambar. For me la, no offence if you do k? ;)

Anything else that I should look for in a photographer? If I'm importing them from outside Melaka, what else do I need to consider other than the transportation and accommodation costs? Ouh, do you think, having more than one photographer for the wedding would be better?

Another thing, videographer- what kind of things that I should look for? Other than shots & editing yang hebat? Hehe

What else I should look for or ask for extras? Please give me some advice and opinions and even you experiences. ;) All your opinions, advices & shared experiences are highly appreciated! :)

till then,


farhanna said...

betul tu.. saya pun x suke gambar yg edit terlebih.. sarat...

farhanna said...

saya suke sazli photo tu.. pic dia just nice...

Qis said...

mira, one thg that i noticed about photographer is they have their own type of expertise...

i'd prefer those who are capable of capturing the sponteneous moment, lebih kepada capturing the 'suasana'. i was not really satisfied with my engagement photographer tho he's good at taking potrait pics... but it was not what i was after... i want him to capture the suasana...

nice angle - skrg ramai photog yg good at it...

their finished product - some prefer bright colors... but i'd go for the dreamy-pictures... cam kabus2 sket... hehe. and definitely no kerawang... (or are they putting it to enhance the pic with the hope to disguise their lack of editing skill...? :P) as u said it, some people might like it...

so, mark your preferences & go for the rite one!

NahWaL said...

how about syahrin aziz?

dialicious said...

Considering ur 4 options..i like Nazim Zafri best n to be honest yg last tu mcm takpayah kot..heheh..
I'd recommend u 2 hire 2 photographers as 1 would be following the pengantin&another would capture candid moments and guests.Transportation to Melaka normally costs around RM200 or so but u hafta prepare their accomodations.Video works tak perlu mahal2 sgt..yg penting clear n they know what not to be missed.Survey aje byk2 photographer x rugi..hehe..Adinang pun best!Asfagraphy..Nazzmedia..CC tak payah intro la kan..heheh
Shooting style it depends on ur preferences..for me i like flare shot and reflection tp seme tu nasib je kalo jadi betol2..hehehe..nways gudluck dear!

hidden.wing said...

hi mira, good to hear your grandpa's recovering :)

i hired single photographer for engagement and it was abit kelam kabut as he got to rushingly turun-naik-tangga to cover myself tgh mekap di atas & crowd/rombongan tunang di bawah..considering wedding is bigger event, better hire 2 photogs to ensure all moments are captured at their best ;)

if u're hiring outside photographers, outstation charges might applies (excluding transport+accom). dont worry, tak semua. but CS do.

nikah+sanding on same day might take longer than their standard 4-6 hrs coverage. do check any charge for extra hours k! try nego for free if u already paid for outstation charge.

for storybook album, avoid yang senang lekat cap jari...album size depends on ur budget...for rm1.5k, mostly dah entitle at least 10x12

check their payment term..20-30% booking, 30% a wk before wedding, 40% delivery..this would ease your scheduling payment. some booking deposit can nego too :)

CC members tak semua ok. i believe in your sense to spot those bad apples dear..

anyway, of all 4, i pick Nazim Zafri too! if not mistaken, his package starts with single photog..

good luck :)

sweet cravings said...

farhanna: ehe, ye ke? he's offering good price too! :D awak bole je tnya quot dia.. hehhe

qis: tu la.. i pun suka 'dreamy- pix' tp, bukan yg nmpak blurry- hehe. colour enhancer ok gak but depends on pix la kot cuz, i suke gamba black & white & sephia mode lebih but... x nmpak pulak kemeriahan dia.. :P thanks dear for sharing the info!! ;)

nahwal: syahrin eh? ok la, but tak pricey ke dia.. haha

diah: i pun suka si nazim's work but, lambat pulak dia reply my quot's mail.. hehe. xpe, i'll take ur advice in surveying byk2 photographers.. :) ouh, thanks to you too for sharing the info! :)

sweet cravings said...

wlt: hehe.. tabik spring la to you! you've done much homework utk org yg ticker tu lebih kurang same dgn i! :P

ok, i will take note on your highlights- things to ask & to take note sebab, ye la.. importing photographers ni kena consider other charges jugak, so i might compare those who does & doesn't.

again, thanks again for sharing loads of useful tips & info dear!

i appreciate all of your kind tips & views.. ni yang best ade blog kan?? heheh :P

AmyMizzunderstood said...

haa...cepat2 choose ur fav one..!!
actually terpulang pada citarasa...susah nk ckp..but yang kerawang2 tu..hehehhe..tolong la tak nak!leh camtu??

sweet cravings said...

amy: pening nak choose. hahah :P- kerawang tu tanakkk jugak! hehe

susudalambotol said...

oh, diah promote adinang. hehe. dia memang seorang kawan saya yang baik.

kalau tak jumpa lagi photographer dan still buat survey, boleh cuba juga adinang.


sweet cravings said...

susudalambotol: hikhik.. saya baru tau kamu isteri adi! :P tu la, diah ni... sangat byk info & recommendations dia sume best2.. :D

sueanne sunshine said...

i vote for nazim zafri - nice person to work with. i love the skills.
your wedding piccas will be flawless - believe me.


ayna said...

hye dear,

about photographer, if you want melaka based photog, i would suggest u my engagement photographer, MALAYNEA..u can google 'em :) seriously their work is like the best in melaka ! this is based fr my own experience..during my engagement, they brought along 3 mmg puas hati..diorng ni mmg dh well-known at melaka and the best part of their work is the sgt ! good luck :)