Monday, June 29, 2009

Why so serious?

Why so serious on having theme colour for your wedding? My answer would be- I want to have a great combination of hues that would make the event more vivacious minus, the haru biru plus... I want it to look great in pictures too!! Ahaks! :P

When I wrote this post, I wasn't very sure what are the exact colours that I will be using for my wedding. Thus, after days, weeks and months of surveying, googling and browsing the internet... I am sure that I have found the theme that I've wanted ;) and now, I will share what's on my mind! Hee.

As much as I've wanted brown for my wedding, I have to be REALISTIC! (Harus tampar pipi berkali-kali supaya saya tidak berangan tahap melampau untuk mempunyai perkahwinan - personalized seperti Mat Saleh dan, untuk mem-personalized-kan segenap perincian mungkin akan menyebabkan saya dan keluarga muflis. Ahaks!! ). Being realistic means, I need to opt for other brown hues that's available around.

Both from here.

See? There are so much to it. You can mix up the colours all you want but- you gotta stick to the reality of course. Having a wedding in a kampung- may cause me very limited choices in choosing a lot of things! But, to come and think of it- you may play with the hues. Pick and mix the colours and suit with the things that you may think it's available WITHOUT having to burn a huge hole in your pockets! ;)

"Chocolate and cream are both great foundation colors that you can build on for any wedding" and "you might want to pull in some corals, and blush. Oh, and maybe a touch of gold. I think those colors would look lovely with the chocolate brown…."- Style Me Pretty.

Thus, just to play safe- I have chosen cream or ivory for the base of my wedding theme and yes, I would try to pull a touch of gold, coral and blush to bring it to live and... the chocolate brown shall go to compliment to wedding theme. Yes. Compliment- not dominate. You may want to refer to Qis's post for this because- I want a timeless and a-la vintage look. Ahaks!

The base hues- pelamin and such:

The detailings- dresses, flowers & etc:

The complimentary hues- ribbons, curtains and such:

Pics are from here, here and here.

So, I guess, this is the reason of being serious. Seriously serious~ :)

Till then, later folks!


farhanna said...

mira.. sy pun suke brown, p tkt pic x lawa coz mr zoey agak gelap, so i decd color **** .. p x sure lg..

my frens nk wat tema pelangi aka haru biru , mgkin kawen blan 8 nnt tgk je la ok o x gune tema haru biru.. huhuhuhuhu

dialicious said...

ivory and brown cantikkkk!!I think Gold will be nice for night event

Ole-Ole Manis said...

Brown mmg tgh 'IN' sgt sekarang nih. :)

sweet cravings said...

farhanna: tu la.. kita tak bole jual ikan- translate= selfish. hehhe. harus juga fikirkan bakal suami.;)

warna pelangi ade tujuh je.. :P cantik juga kalau pandai pick & match on the right things i think.. :) x pe, nnt awk post entry wedding tu k? :)

diah: nice kan? hehe :P tp event i siang- mean the reception la.. huhu.

nadya: heheh.. sebab tu la cari favors yang brown kale gak. hehe

Anonymous said...

brown ivory.. earth colours..
I like autumn kind of colours too.. that's why for my own wedding lots of cream gold with red accents..

but the dress.. shud be in ivory so that you will stand out of the brown background. Kalau dress pun brown - tenggelam pengantin

AmyMizzunderstood said...

it just look like champagne color too...nice2..u can refer merisikgallery pelamin..will attach 1 pic for u at my blog..ok?

Mrs Zamzuri said...

i have my wedding in brown + gold. hehe..

sweet cravings said...

aurinh: hee- tu la.. tak mau pengantin tenggelam dgn pelamin & oth things.. we should stand out more than others kan? ;)

amy: yeay! you know why i heart you! :) you are sooooo nice! *hugs*

kimie: oh! kenapa saya tak jumpa kamu awal sedikit? hee.. but thanks! your gold dress to gorgeous sangat!! :) thanks 4 sharin ;)

hidden.wing said...

mira, love how u pull hues u're going to for each of your wedding item..hehe! a good ref for others :D

sweet cravings said...

wlt: heheh. thanks a lot dear :"> you yourself have loads of good stuffs that i can refer too.. ;)

Sha Pattinson said...

Brown n Gold is grand for wedding ..aper pon white is everything for wedding dear