Friday, July 24, 2009

Favors please~

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been awfully ill and extreamly busy with my final project. Gosh! Tolong la doakan everything will go as planned and will result me something brilliant by end of October. InsyAllah ;) hee

At this stage, am still looking out for the best favors to be given to the guests. I am still very far away in term of hands-on-preps for my wedding. I haven't booked a single thing YET. Urghhh. I know. So much of the talking... actions elek! I have short listed the things and the people that I wish to hire for my event tapi, tu lah...huhuh.

As for now... yes, favors. The criteria of a good favor (to me la~ :P)
  1. Practical
  2. Cute
  3. Something valuable (Tapi, bukan lah jongkong emas ye ladies & gents. heheh)
  4. Something that is other than food? (I tend to ignore most of the foodies given. huhu)

I have some issues over this matter with my mom. One thing for sure- we are trying to avoid giving away food and junkies (bukan sampah sarap- I mean, jajan & yang sewaktu dengannya- other than kids of course. Ape je nak kasi derang?!)

My mom came up with hand towel idea. It must have high absorbent quality. Cotton. Just about the size of Good-Morning-Towel. Ouh, and it must be given in a enviromental friendly bag- of course, it has to be made out of paper. So, after some browsing- I've found Ole-Ole Manis. The brown paper bags (like Nariko's) which looks something like this-

Both pics are taken from Ole- Ole Manis

But the towel.... It's a failure. Still! :( Sobs!

And as for the kids- I have to surrender with the fact- kena jugak kasi derang sweets huhu AND, just simply because I have found this:

Ole- Ole Manis are selling these things really cheap! You can ask Nadea the quotations but these are selling at a very reasonable price. ;) BUT, in my case- my mom had asked for the chocolates to be placed in paper boxes like this....

For a more environmental friendly gifts~ ngeheee :P and Nadea had also quoted a very good bargain for it. My parents macam da hooked with it. Nadea is a pleasent person to deal with. She is really nice and very generous with ideas minus the extra charges.. ;) (Pstttt, Nad... can I get further markdown? heee :P)


Miss Shareeda said...

simple and sweet..
my mum pun prefer gift mcm tu..

Sha Pattinson said...

simple but sweet ..tapi my mom lak dia taknak bg sapu tangan sbb nowdays dah ramai yg bagi ntah laa ..but mcm yg u ckp tu pon ok jugekk ..

hidden.wing said...

hi mira,

great u're back!

in case u still hunting, here's link for towel gift. complete with packaging (box+deco+tag) :

btw, Ole-Ole Manis pun banyak choice :D

sweet cravings said...

shareeda: simple tapi, pening nak cari her exact description tu. huhu :P

sha: i know. tu la my mom requested tanak kasi the 'usual' sapu tgn. she wants a good quality ones. tp, mna nak cari yg murah? huhu

wlt: tu la.. you weren't around because of work.. me? uhuk. demam teruk. hee.

thanks for the link dear! ;) nnt i'll mail her for better descriptions & price quot. heh

anil lutaze said...

cnthek...aah mcm puan nariko punya...

tp kan awak...saya sgt suka makanannn...hahaha...dan saya sedih kalau pg wedding x de mknan dlm gift tu...hik..sbb saya suka makan...

but..sapu tgn pon ok...byk gunanya..

sweet cravings said...

anil: utk anil, nnt mira kasi makanan skali k? hee :P

Ole-Ole Manis said...

yeay! promote me. ni kena kasi diskaun lebey nih. :p

Thanks dear.

p/s: Go green!