Sunday, July 12, 2009

Which bouquet suits you?

I was googling just now, and I've found something which seems very interesting to share it in here. Some of you may have come across it but, I think it'll be useful for my wedding day and yours' too (if you haven't got a clue about it) :P. This article was taken from here.

Basically, there are three categories of wedding bouquet style :

1. The cascade is shaped like the waterfall, more flowers on the top with some flowers can be seen flowing downwards. It is blended with some greeneries.

This pic is from here.

2. The round shaped bouquet is of course round in shape with less greenery. The flowers are usually not from a single type but multiple types all arranged tightly to each other.

Source from here

3. The hand-tied is a bunch of flowers loosely tied together to show the stems.

The pic is taken from here.

To choose the right wedding bouquet style, you must consider three things : the size of your body, your wedding gown and the look that you want to create for yourself.

If you want to look slimmer on your wedding day, choose the cascade wedding bouquet. It has a slimming effect because of its shape : from roundish on the top and pointy at the bottom.

If you are tall, you should go for hand-tied or maybe cascade. Never go for round. With the heels you will be wearing, you will seem extra tall on that day. To be seen as a perfect couple, you need to balance your height with your husband-to-be.

If you want to hide your big hips, go for other bouquets but round. Carrying a round bouquet will make your hips look bigger. Imagine people commenting on your hips on your wedding day. That won't happen to you because now you know.

If you will be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown, there is one perfect wedding bouquet for you. This bouquet is made for sleeveless gowns. The arm bouquet. It will complement your gown nicely. Arm bouquet looks like this:


If you prefer a casual look on your wedding day, go for the hand-tied bouquet. The flowers will look as if they are freshly picked from your garden and tied nicely. You will look fresh and natural carrying a hand-tied bouquet.

If you have a small body, a round bouquet would be perfect. The shape of your body and the bouquet will be balanced, thus creating the perfect look.

You will look slimmer and more elegant on your wedding day when you carry a hand-tied wedding bouquet.

Whatever wedding bouquet style you choose, you should know how to carry it well. Carry it around your waistline near your hip bones. Only then, the elegance of the flower and beauty of the gown will come through. When that happens, you will look your best on that special day.

Uhuk, I've always thought the round bouquet looks gorgeous but, I think.. I may opt for a cascade bouquet for a slimmer look, but thankfully the hand- tied pun okay! .. :P

So, which bouquet suits you best ladies?? :)


Shalala said...

Hey good article, thanks! :) I'll go for cascade or hand-tied, but normally I see people holding round ones...Seldom see other than that...

sweet cravings said...

shalala: yup, i've seen a lot of brides usually will opt for the round bouquet. tak tau pulak it may give an 'impact' on our looks! :)

NisS^ImmEr said...

pic no 3 looks nice. thanx for sharing the info

hidden.wing said...

ohh, big hip bride shudnt carry round bouquet ye..sedey nye..

but great to know i still left with hand tied bouquet to rely on hehe! thx mira for the good tips :D

Qis said...

I'm also in LOVE with the round one... hmm, sgt bahaya... anyway, handtied is cool for the slimmer and elegant effect.

*cascade bouquet looks a bit traditional, don't u think? i think it is the nicest to use during hall/ballroom grand entrance... perfect!

fizz said...

i love the arm bouquet. sweet. tp only suitable for dress yg sleeveless ye? and yeah... i think the cascade can give you the grand look upon entering the hall.

dialicious said...

A couple of weeks ago i visited a florist to order my hand bouquet n she suggested me holding a really small round bouquet katanya i'm slim&tall..WTH..mmg takla kan..kebetulan pakai heels time round is NO NO la for me kan.damn!hahah

sweet cravings said...

niss: too!! :) hand tied bouquet is like the 'safest' for all kan?? :)

wlt: dear.. i pun memula nak round bouquet but now, i may have to cancel it ou from my list.. huhu :) xpe, hand tied masih lagi available for us! ;)

qis: yup- cascade looks a bit traditional... who would've thought it can give the slimmer effect.. heheh. but, making the grand entrance with it is sooo cool! timeless effect pulak kot! ;)

fizz: arm bouquet pun ok jugak- but it's more suitable for that kindda dress.. eh dear, you can find more articles and types of bouquet to suit you best through the link of the article.. it should be fun & useful too! :)

sweet cravings said...

diah: hahah.. i rasa, u are slim and tall la.. :) but if you don't want the round ones- hand tied masih lagi gorjes! :) and am sure, you will look great in it!

Anonymous said...

mira, found a great wedding planner in Melaka. i'd say she's great, sbb kat Melaka kan..haha..kat KL dah biase dah..nanti i kenalkan. - Firah

AmyMizzunderstood said...

diah suka perasan dia gemok!my sis yang bgtau i...hehehehe..

oh for me..i nk mengerjakan crystal handbouquet..harus la kena buat sendiri..n after that mahu sewakan saja pada org ramai..ok tak idea ku ini??

dialicious said...

hahaha..kelaka la amy ni..diah mmg kuat mkn haruslah balance balik.dah jogging ni dh ok sket tau..hehehe..crystal hand bouquet?wah bestnye!!sure ngerlip2 kan..lain2 dr lain

anil lutaze said...

crystal mcm siti punya handbouquet..wallah...

armbouquet mmg cnthek tp brgantong juga pd tema..

but nama pon wed...4 sure semuanya akan nmpk stunninggg

sweet cravings said...

firah: ouh. you've found one? in MELAKA? hahah :D ok2.. nanti u pm i k?

amy: wah!! crystal! yang pastinye.. mesti la lip lap kan?? ala, sure amy leh buat.. ;) and bole je break the tradition. and i think, later on pun, bole jadi trend.. :)

diah: ahahha. see??? da slim dah! :P hahah

sweet cravings said...

anil: hehhe... si pengantin baru, saya suka juga bouquet kamu yang simple tapi cantik itu hari.. :)

Rachael said...

Well after reading this article it has really made me think of what type of bouquet would work for me. I love the last option. I've seen it before and it always looks absolutely beautiful.

sweet cravings said...

rachael: hehe, it's a good article to be shared. now you know what are the options available for us... :) the arm bouquets looks great even with just a few stalks of calla lilies; like in the pic! :)

AmyMizzunderstood said...

crystal bouquet ya mcm siti..nnt saya upload pic2 yang lain..mungkin boleh jadik reference..hik2..

diah slim!agagaga

Nurulhuda Abu Bakar said...

i simply love : round one!! kdg2 bukan ape tak ada keberanian nak cuba yang lain macam.. hehe..

Sha Pattinson said...

good info ..very usefull ..always update your blog ..after this ..tqvm ..hope you don't mine if i add you blog to mine ..tq

sweet cravings said...

amy: yeay, mesti ramai nak jugak hand bouquet crystal.. ;) & u bole buat bentuk2 bouquet yang bersesuaian dgn the bride.. hehe :)

nurulhuda: the round ones are gorgeous.. sbb penuh dgn flowers.. ;) but, up 2 u to decide which one you'll use later ;)

sha: sure.. i don't mind at all! the pleasure is all mine! :)

AdiNang said...

thanks semalam jumpa adi. nice talking to both of u. harap2 dapat jumpa wedding nanti ;-)

jangan lupa tengok lagi blog adi yeh for more updates. ;-)

Fuchsia~ said...

huih nice info la nih.
dsri aritu la dok terpikir nak hand bouquet yg mcm mana nih

sweet cravings said...

adi: adi, thanks sebab datang jumpa kami! :) it was nice talking to you too.. skali rupe2nye kita kenal org yang sama.. heheh.

fuchsia: heheh, now you know aite? i hope the article could help you to choose which bouquet may suit you the best.. :)

Siti Hajar said...

nice info..saya suka yg round bouquet..tapi yg mcm waterfall tu unik la..:)

u org melaka ke?yeaaa..jumpa lagi blogger melaka..