Monday, August 31, 2009

The other theme

Mr Fiance had finalized few things over his side and- I should say that he's ahead of me.


All he did was to decide...

Huh! Tak aci! hee

Pic taken from here

Because he fell in love and were inspired by these....

Pics taken from here

I taught him about the base, dominating and the complimentary hues... cepat gak belajar. bagus budaknya. bravo! :P So, our dresses will be in the shades of gray/ silver-ish while the rest- will be in purple- magenta- fushia tones. haha. I'm confused myself! WLT had her fushia theme in pink but, Mr Fiance wants it in purple.

Oh well, I'm taking Fizz's steps-
not to butt in with my future FIL's decision makings ;)

Till then, later folks! ;)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nak jugak... :P

Nak jugak cam ni...

ade orang main bunga api lepas dinikahkan nanti...
dengan harapan, baju langsung tak terbakar. hehehehhe

Pic taken from here.

Till then, later folks! :)

Selamat Berbuka too! ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

I wish...

Earlier today:

Mr Fiance : "Sayang, tolong check hari bulan Islam untuk 31st Jan nanti...."

He had already went to book the card printing for his side.
I thought I was fast! But I was totally wrong... heheh.

I wish to have an invitation card as simple as this~ No hard cover and all. Just a good quality- one-piece- of- paper will do just fine.

Sorry, I can't remember where I took this- but if you happen to know, please keep me updated cause I need to credit it to the owner~ kesian dia. hee :)

or this...

pic taken from here

Simple je kan? Siap ade bunga raya lagi. hehe. Kita sibuk nak bunga lain- :P hehe. Nak design sendiri, but I don't have much time and am not that talented either. Is there any free software (free je. yang bayar- tanak! hee) that I can use to make my life easier? ;)

Till then, later folks :)


Saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Cik Mimi kena telah berkongsi award beliau bersama saya di bulan yang mulia ini~ :P

Psst Mimi, nak kena kasik orang ke? Ala.. lenkali boleh tak? Hehehe.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bunga Pahar Stand

If WLT is on the quest of finding her cake stand, I am trying to find my bunga pahar stand. Hehe Me and my mom are a bit skeptical with the though of giving away eggs- yes, it's tradition and people usually opt for the option. Reasons for it because.... saya suka makan telur dadar je, tak suka rebus- so, I take for granted, other people have the same preference; suka makan telur dadar instead of telur rebus. Hahah

Anyhow, onto my idea in substituting the eggs from bunga pahar looks like this...
(please use your imagination cuz I simply don't have the time to upload the pics of the one that I did earlier- (I might update this soon) :P))

I came up with the idea of wrapping fruits- like this:-

into this kind of net or organza material- and tie it up with ribbons, and it should look something like this:-

Both pics are from here :)

Get the idea...? :P

... and hang it on the stand; like this!

This pic was taken from 4weddingku
(They have great pieces of wedding items and offers loads of great stuffs ;))

That is why I am looking for this bunga pahar stand that looks like that. Any of you have any idea where I can get bunga pahar stands like those? I just fell in love with it. Like head over heels. Hehe. Plus, tak payah beli bunga telur! and the thought of doing my own bunga dip is not so very compromising (Amy dah nak siap okeh?! while her wedding will only be two weeks after me... :P)

So, why should I risk the time? Huhu. My thesis and semester will only be over by November; InsyAllah. Then only I can have the time to really focus onto my wedding preps. Huhu. Two months is too short for me to start and learn making the DIY bunga dip and since I'd love on cutting the cost of the small things- I've decided to proceed with this idea instead! And, my mom had just approved my proposition with it. Weee! ;)

Till then, later folks ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan al- Kareem

I'd like to wish all the Muslims' readers and bloggers ; Salam Ramadhan.

May it be another blissful, blessed and a better one- this time.
InsyAllah :)

pic taken from here

By the way, this is suppose to be my first Ramadhan since me and Mr Fiance have been engaged~ and, will be the last with my so-called-single-status. (But at the moment, I am sooo not- cool with the thought of it. Sobs! Asal ntah?) :(

Although I'll be marrying someone from 'kampung sebelah' je but, the thought of of 'leaving' my family can really tears me apart. Sad. Pathetic. Whatever, you name it... but, I wish to be my parents'-little-girl. Always!

Hee :P

Ok, don't mind me.

Enjoy this time around dan semoga yang elok- elok sahaja untuk semua.

InsyAllah :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gamelan vs Cak Lempong

In my previous post, I did talked about the Gamelan performance kan?

Ha... this is what my mom's updates-

1. Mind me, I have a correction to make that the band does not perform Gamelan laaaaa- it's Cak Lempong (Click the links to know the differences- nak tepek kat sini nanti, orang ingat ni kelas muzik :P) Sorry folks! I'm confused myself. heheh

2. At the price of RM400- this is what you'll get:
  • The school will send the kids to the event WITHOUT the instruments. Orang rumah should arrange their OWN transportation in order to get the things at your place from the school. By right, two cars would be enough to transport all the instruments- if you have a van, that's even better.
  • It's WITHOUT the PA system.
  • They will perform around TWO hours only- inclusive breaks. Usually at the peak hours of the event.
  • The PRICE of RM400 is the staff's price- since my mom teaches at the school, that's the price she'll get. For non- staff, the price may be ranged up to RM700++- DEPENDING on you locations and they will ONLY perform in places around Melaka. (Sorry to Hanim who's in Shah Alam & seems really interested. huhu. Sorry dear)

Thus, what I can suggest to all the bride-to-be's-who's looking for this kind of traditional entertainment for their wedding, why don't you try to search or browse the net whether there are any schools around your area that has the traditional band. Gamelan or Cak Lempong, you can decide which is to choose. As far as I'm concern, the Gamelan's band uses more instruments than Cak Lempong's. Heh, tu je yang tau- tu pun... my mom yang cakap. heheh. What instruments- please click on the earlier links ;)

So, that's all for now, till then.... later folks! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who knows?

I was talking to my mom just now and she had updated me with the rate of the gamelan band from her school.

The pic was taken by Mr Fiance at a friend's wedding :)
(ni gamelan ke? haha)

I was telling her earlier about having them to play at my wedding later on as I don't favor much on having the karaoke session yang melalak- lalak tu well, it's not just me, my parents too and, I have to respect their wish supaya mendapat kap-ba-ra-kap-ta-alif-nun yang menyeluruh ... Heheh. Anyway, I'd prefer a close- session for that- untuk close family and friends later on in the kenduri. Huhu. Its just because of some people, who can't really sing but, nak jugak nyayi and I find it freaking annoying. Boleh? Hehe.

Still, no offense to those who enjoy it la.. ;)

My mom told me, it will cost around RM400 (her school's band). Excluding the PA system. I don't know much on this matter. Anyone of you can actually assist me? The range of prices yang reasonable or other options in entertaining my guests later on....

Thanks a bunch in advance if you could share the ideas ;)

Till then, later folks :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

...and now, I shall announce....


To Diah,

Diah, I need to apologize to you for I was not able to make it to your kenduri bertandang :( Rasa guilty je. I headed back to Melaka for the weekend cuz we had planned something earlier and I have planned with my brother to go back together on Monday since we both takde classes. Furthermore,I have been busy since Thursday and tak sempat nak check on my blog. Friday night, baru perasan kat my chat-box ade Diah's message & in my previous entry's comment box too. Huhu. Sorryyyyyyyy sangat Diah! :( Anyway, I wish you all the best dear! May you'll live happily ever after k? ;)

Okay, actually... I have made earlier plans with my parents to go and book the people who'll be responsible in making most of the important things for my wedding... on Sunday (same day as Diah's bertandang day).

Sorry, I was sooo giddy at the place- lupa nak snap pics. I've tried on a dress and it fitted me nicely! Hiks :P Below are some of the pics which I think resembles much like the dress I've tried and wanted.... :) I just heart those long kebaya- jawa, the one with trains. Tak tahu kenapa, but I'm so hooked over trains since I-don't-know-when. Hee :) Dulu, I used to think trains are troublesome... Huhu. But, not anymore! :P

This pic is taken from here.
Oh, please ignore the pose. It's not me nor the way I've posed depan orang2 kat butik tu yeh?! :P But, the dress that I've tried on tu, just about this long... tak de la meleret sangat. hee :)

And this one is from here.
Not exactly like this piece but, something like it la.. Minus the collar, kain and tudung. Sumpah I will not wear this kindda tudung on my wedding cuz I don't wanna emphasis my round face. Thank You. Heheh :P

Okay, I'll share with you more details in the next post. :P By the way, the dress will be tailored made for me but, not for me to own- just to rent. Sangat tidak mampu to own a heavy beaded dress like I've wanted- with the matching tudung, veil, shoes & accesories. Huhu. Anyhow, along with this, I've managed to secure myself with the pelamin, set renjis, hand bouquet (fresh flowers, cascade type ;) wee!), bride's room deco and the arch.

And now, I officially announce my official dressmaker, pelamin maker and decorater is... Sayang Creations from Ayer Keroh Melaka. :) (poyo!.. :P- mengalahkan NGI and Rizalman je. Hiks)

Till then, later folks! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Tadi, we got the chance to watch Nona with the whole family. After the coverage of Elyana's engagement... there was a slot of hand bouquet. Yang kelakar nye, it's exactly the same as I wrote in previous entry. My dad siap gelak- gelak kan I- saying "Ntah- ntah they browsed & bumped into your blog kot..." Hahaha.


What a coincident... :P