Friday, August 14, 2009

Gamelan vs Cak Lempong

In my previous post, I did talked about the Gamelan performance kan?

Ha... this is what my mom's updates-

1. Mind me, I have a correction to make that the band does not perform Gamelan laaaaa- it's Cak Lempong (Click the links to know the differences- nak tepek kat sini nanti, orang ingat ni kelas muzik :P) Sorry folks! I'm confused myself. heheh

2. At the price of RM400- this is what you'll get:
  • The school will send the kids to the event WITHOUT the instruments. Orang rumah should arrange their OWN transportation in order to get the things at your place from the school. By right, two cars would be enough to transport all the instruments- if you have a van, that's even better.
  • It's WITHOUT the PA system.
  • They will perform around TWO hours only- inclusive breaks. Usually at the peak hours of the event.
  • The PRICE of RM400 is the staff's price- since my mom teaches at the school, that's the price she'll get. For non- staff, the price may be ranged up to RM700++- DEPENDING on you locations and they will ONLY perform in places around Melaka. (Sorry to Hanim who's in Shah Alam & seems really interested. huhu. Sorry dear)

Thus, what I can suggest to all the bride-to-be's-who's looking for this kind of traditional entertainment for their wedding, why don't you try to search or browse the net whether there are any schools around your area that has the traditional band. Gamelan or Cak Lempong, you can decide which is to choose. As far as I'm concern, the Gamelan's band uses more instruments than Cak Lempong's. Heh, tu je yang tau- tu pun... my mom yang cakap. heheh. What instruments- please click on the earlier links ;)

So, that's all for now, till then.... later folks! :)


hidden.wing said...

i cant even tell the diff between them, but i agreed for no freely karaoke singing hehehe!

attended colleague's wed few wks ago where the relatives mostly came from Mekah. his talented couz performed few songs, siap tuka2 baju and tune his voice to fit arab, matsaleh and malay songs! meriah gile, kalah mawi's arabian 1001 night wed hahaha..yang tak bestnye like u said, he steal the limelight lah that night! (handsome pulak tu..)

NisS^ImmEr said...

bes jugak ade gamelan ni kan, tak la sakit telinga dengar org karaoke mcm nak pengsan

tumbler biru said...

kesilapan di maafkan.

nasib baik u bukan pelajar seni musik.


hanim said...


mira, received ur's ok dear.. xde rezeki la tu.. kena google the net maybe ada kot. nway, thank you soo much ya!! i pun x tau nk beza gamelan n cak lempong ni..

sweet cravings said...

wlt: hehe. tu la pasal, the first time my mom mentioned gamelan- i was like 'ok!'. pastu bila mentioned je cak lempong, i was like 'laa, ape beza?' haha. sgt buta muzik! :P

ala, mamat tu handsome ke? uhuk.. mmg sure la he stole the limelights. kalau i pun, sibuk tgk dia insted pengantin. ahakss. let's learn a lesson from this. heheh

niss: betul3! :D tak kisah if nak karok lps kenduri dgn family & close friends but not masa tgh2 wedding tu la kan.. huhu. nnt org pun x suka. huhu

mimi: tu la kan... saya sangat bernasib baik! haha

hanim: yup, i've got ur reply too :). tu la, i hope you'll find one yg best at a very reasonable price soon ya :) beza dia, erk.. leave it to the pros je la :P

fizz said...

any live performance (but not karaoke) would be perfect for any wedding. I would suggest caklempong over gamelan. gamelan terlalu mengantuk n boring whilst caklempong can be very very entertaining and "bising" in a good way. was intended to have caklempong, tp diorang fully booked plak aritu. so end up with beautiful 10piece ghazal with 4 vocalists hahahhahaa

sweet cravings said...

fizz: yeay! say yes to live bands and no to karok sessions during the wedding. :P cak lempong sounds better yeh? ok, ni rasa cam confirm je amik my mom's school band. hehe.

ouh, i like ghazal too! tapi, erk.. i think we should just utilize the staff's price with the cak lempong. heheh. thanks for the opinion dear! :)

MyRule said...

kat melaka ek..

sekoalh mana?

best gak ni..

bagi no contact utk cak lempong tu..mana la tau kalau nak proceed diorg ke...:)

sweet cravings said...

myrule: sekolah iskandar shah, kat jasin.. ok.. nnt sy email awak contact no cikgu yg in charge tu nnt k? :)

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

mira dear.. u akan kawen dulu la sebelum kite..heheh..awk nye awal seminggu kot..hehehe