Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Months....??

3 months left.


Here's the bits of updates. ;)

Emak and Ayah dah bising on card printing. I've tried to work on my own design tapi, hampeh. Tu la, nak yang best je. Buat tak reti. Result? Print sajos dari pencarian Google- print, edit, dan jadikan itu contoh untuk di hantar print. Lain kali, sila jangan berimaginasi terlalu tinggi (Just a reminder for meself.. :P)

Did some following up with Nik Erwan, he's working on my baju nikah dengan pesanan penaja 'buat baju I cantik- cantik tau... nanti I recommend kat kawan- kawan..' Ni adalah trick yang mudah untuk memancing. Hasil? Tunggu hujung November katanya... :)

We are not going to do pre- wedding photo- shoot but, having a framed portraiture during our wedding is the plan. So, we have talked and discussed with our photographer, he said yes and, we'll be shooting for it by early January.

Baju reception, hampeh... I tak tanya-tanya pun. Sangat tenang betol buat masa ni. ;)

FYI, I haven't buy anything yet for my hantaran. Alasan, saya sibuk bagai Rosmah Mansur dan lebih. Hahha. Dan, saya tunggu sale. Sale pun tak tahu bila. En Tunang sudah membeli beberapa barangan beliau dengan jayanya- tanpa saya. (Sila tepuk tangan untuk beliau) :)

We've met the Pakcik canopy...dia datang rumah personally. Bagus. But me and my mom think its kindda expensive on having a VIP settings for freaking RM900. Mahal nak mati kan??? Padahal, stakat Arabian canopy with inlay, chandellier and kipas air tu je... Mahal nak mati. Ke, memang macam tu price dia? Haha. So, jawapnye, tak payah la VIP canopy. Duduk makan bawah pokok lagi best! ;) Makan ala- ala picnik kat bawah pokok sekeliling rumah secara rambang. Jimat! ;)

Macam ni... Best jugak kan?
Ayah, can we just give the guests some old- newspaper for them to sit under the trees...?? Bahahha. pic is from here

What else? Err, ntah. banyak je lagi tak buat.
Tapi, I just wanna get myself through dulu.

Till then, later folks! ;)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is me, now....

Hehe.. Well, am truly sorry for keeping myself too quiet these days. There are so much to do yet, there's so little time. Honestly, my wedding prep is not going anywhere... Yes, the ticker is showing that the date is almost there but, I'm not moving nor that excited anymore. Boleh? Hee. Seriously... I've lost the momentum. Malas nak fikir about the wedding. Hahaahhaha.

But, I can't. Can I??? Hmppppp

Till then, later folks! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear readers, this post has nothing to do with any of my wedding prep~ heee :P instead, I am in the midst of struggling to finish up my thesis. I hope very much that you can participate in my survey!

I am doing a survey on perceived blog's interactivity and the readers' purchase intention

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Here's the survey form.

You can participate in this survey- regardless of the the blogs studied.

Most questions are in general form- if you have ever bought anything from online- blog- stores, please... I'll be more than happy to have you to participate! ;)

What's more?

You may stand a chance to win some goodies from either one of the blog that's worth up to RM50 or more!! :)

I hope that you's be able to participate and submit your form before

10th October 2009!