Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear readers, this post has nothing to do with any of my wedding prep~ heee :P instead, I am in the midst of struggling to finish up my thesis. I hope very much that you can participate in my survey!

I am doing a survey on perceived blog's interactivity and the readers' purchase intention

1) emmetgaragesales


2) iamprettyhappythings

Here's the survey form.

You can participate in this survey- regardless of the the blogs studied.

Most questions are in general form- if you have ever bought anything from online- blog- stores, please... I'll be more than happy to have you to participate! ;)

What's more?

You may stand a chance to win some goodies from either one of the blog that's worth up to RM50 or more!! :)

I hope that you's be able to participate and submit your form before

10th October 2009!


tumbler biru said...

this is soo cool. camne you boleh convince mereka untuk bagi hadiah?

im impressed. hoho. Dr M should read this blog. kuikui

sweet cravings said...

hah. takde makna dia nak baca ok. dia sibuk nak cari helper open house dia. muahahah. dem. my mom redha & melepaskan i dgn rela hati utk jadi kuli hari tersebut. hahah. tak patut betul!

btw, zaky says... kna la kasi org bersemangat menjawab survey- i'm bearing the costs la. tak mungkin nak suruh org buatkan entry khas & kasi org lain hadiah :P u, bola la i suh buat entry khas for FOC. hehhehe

bitsANDpieces said...

babe, how's ur preparation so far??? tak lame lagi je nihhhh!!!

hehe..i pulak yg terlebih excited. lol

weDa said...

kalau tak pernah beli dari blog tu boleh masuk jugak ke.

btw good luck! :)