Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MJ, bukan Michael jackson

Hari ini, hari maraton untuk saya.

Tiring but, fruitful! Ngee :D

I went to Metrojaya Sale today and,
I have managed to grab ALL my hantaran items....
Gila gembira! :)

And I've even managed to go to Beryl's Factory Shop in Sri Kembangan.
The chocolates & sweets were so cheap!
I mean, sangat berpatutan la harganya.
Knowing that the chocolate tastes good;
unlike coklat Den Dang or Tora. Hehehe :D.
And the packaging is nice too.

I'd recommend you to get the sweets. :p
Unless you have the allocation in splurging on Patchi Chocolates ke, Godiva ke...?
or anything expensive, sila abaikan free advertorial ini... :p

Until then, later folks! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hari ini~

I've managed to grab my nikah shoes!!!


It's nothing expensive- or from any top brands.

Hehehhe. But, I am truly happy.

It looks something like this;

credits to this site.
(but, mine is- minus the diamentes around the shoes,
diamentes are only on the bow-like thingy

Ok, I'll be off to Metrojaya Card members' preview day,
in the morning!
Come & join me.
Boleh tolong pilih the stuffs :p!!

I need to grab few things for my hantaran
that I have been eyeing for quite sometimes~


pstttt/ I had received a sms from Nik; stating that, my baju nikah is yet to be done.
But, since Diah did warned me earlier...
I'm not so surprise la. & dah expect lambat.
Jadi, takdelah perasaan nak melenting or nak marah :p
So, moral of the story , please expect the unexpected!

Have a good day folks! :)

Till then, bye for now!


I had my HIV test done today!

and it's non- reactive.

Ok, tu je :p

source: google image

and I'm gonna get all the other documents-
pertaining on the nikah thingies done
by this week.
(harapan :p)

till then, later folks :)

ps/ I don't know what I've done with my comment settings- but now, i have to approve comments & I think ada comment in my previous post yang comment orang tu tak appear even after I've approved it...? Do you know how I can get the thing back as it is? Huhuhu

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Nothing much.

My things are almost over- but, I've officially passed my viva, thesis & all :)
So, this is it- I'll be on leave till after the wedding.

Yes, sampai lepas majlis kahwin.
Then, baru nak keje bole?
If you know any vacancy available, let me know.
Heeheh :D

Tadi, my parents came.
We went to Ikea, grabbed the gifts for super VIPs :)
We've managed to finalized on our door gift! (AT LAST!)
Esok baru nak confirm & book. hehehe

Ok, I need to go on diet- a good & healthy one.
But, lepas Raya Haji la..
I need to shed off another 4kg!
Kenapa susah sangat nak turun to 47kg?


Obviously, I suka makan. Fine. Tapi, for the sake of the wedding..
I have to :(

Oh, I'm in the midst of planning out my e-invitation
& the theme for it~ ;)

Any ideas ladies....?? *wink2*

Till then, later folks! :)