Sunday, November 15, 2009


Nothing much.

My things are almost over- but, I've officially passed my viva, thesis & all :)
So, this is it- I'll be on leave till after the wedding.

Yes, sampai lepas majlis kahwin.
Then, baru nak keje bole?
If you know any vacancy available, let me know.
Heeheh :D

Tadi, my parents came.
We went to Ikea, grabbed the gifts for super VIPs :)
We've managed to finalized on our door gift! (AT LAST!)
Esok baru nak confirm & book. hehehe

Ok, I need to go on diet- a good & healthy one.
But, lepas Raya Haji la..
I need to shed off another 4kg!
Kenapa susah sangat nak turun to 47kg?


Obviously, I suka makan. Fine. Tapi, for the sake of the wedding..
I have to :(

Oh, I'm in the midst of planning out my e-invitation
& the theme for it~ ;)

Any ideas ladies....?? *wink2*

Till then, later folks! :)


k|ree said...

waa...lepas kawin, jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa la ye sebelum dapat offer betul...hehehe.. :)

farhanna said...

mira i pun same.. diet x pnah jadi.. makin naik ade la..warghhh cane ni...

lenny said...

yay.suke ko dah abis. x sabar tunggu sesi mkn2 plak.

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

huhu lama mira menghilang... heheh

oh congrats, dh lepas viva..master kan? hopefully tak bnyk thesis correction kena buat atau yg lg penting jgn re-viva.. :p

all the best..psstt... date is getting near.. i was like,arghhhh!!! :P

sweet cravings said...

nad: erk, harap2 lps kahwin je nnt keje. b4 that, nak duk rumah & kunun2 prepare tuk wedding~ :p

fara: huhuh, meh2 diet! :D

lenny: yeay jugak! tak sabanak tggu kau belanja~ we'll plan nnt k? :)

alena: thanks dear! :) yup, my masters. ada la kna buat thesis amendment but, ok la.. hehe.thanks for those encouraging words dear! hee, b'semangat ni nak prepare thgs for the wedding.. hehehe :P

aini said...

mira klu x diet pun ok..dh mmg comel..
jgn risau2, ade masa lg nk struggle reduce 4kg..wahh btambah la cun melecun cmni..jeles2..heheh ;)

anil lutaze said...

ouh..kamu ada 2 bulan..insyallah...boleh kurus sikit2...u go girl

sweet cravings said...

aini: :P

anil: thank you dear :)