Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There'll always be the first of everything :p

Erk, Salam Aidiladha folks! :) Sorry lambat wish but I guess, my lappie is not my best friend I have at the moment. Heheh. (After years, I can actually be parted from it for more than 24 hours :p)

Anyhow, I just wanna tell you that, me and Mr Fiance went to our first fitting @ Sayang Creations. The bridal boutique that will be in-charge of my reception dress, pelamin, accesories, etc. The result is, errr.. okay la. I have lowered down my expectations way before I went to the place. Knowing that, I didn't have the time to meet them up before proceeding with the exact thing. So... in the end, the colour of the dress was a bit 'white-ish' for my liking. However! The beading on the dress excites me. Hahah. Boleh ke? Hee.

I remember about Kiree's post on the boutique. Honestly, when I read the thing, I was freaking out. But, there are also some things that I have learnt. Kurangkan my expectations yang menggunung and try to communicate better- kot. Huhuhu

I guess, we can't avoid the 'vendors-from-hell' thingy. Mesti ada part yang kureng, tak banyak pun, mungkin ada sikit. But, I guess... you gotta know how to deal with it la kot. Kan? Kan? Huhuh.

Till then, later folks! :)


k|ree said...

hurmmm...mira boleh amik baju ngan dia..but i dun think u should amik perkhidmatan make up kat dia juga..pendapat kita je...keputusan kat tangan mira.. :)

ErriNa said...

good luck with sayang creation...anything tell me about them k.. ingat nak ambil diaorg gak tapi dlm pertimbangan lg.. tapi baju2 dia cantik kan..

Sabby said...

ohh i think vendors that gives us a hard time is everywhere..big names pun ada ..trust me..

true happiness is not a perfect wedding..but is what we make of our wedding kan...

for me,i'm no longer loooking at perfection of my wedding day...dah give up dah..all i want is the price..a husband that makes me happy...inshaAllah...

sweet cravings said...

sabby: yes! i totally agree with you dear.. :) i am looking forward for the wedding cuz i'm excited to be the wifey, not a perfect wedding- after all. i'd just like to share the day with my loved ones.

nad: yup, mira mmg tak ambil meke up dgn dia. hehe. dari awal mmg dah plan mcm tu. but thanks for reminding me ;)

erinna: yup, i'll keep you posted k? hee. baju diorang mmg byk options & cantik2 but, you just have to know how to deal with them je la kot.. :)

tumbler biru said...


whats up?

baju turns out to be senget sebelah?


kalau dah cantik, pakai baju compang camping pun, cantik jugak.

please, jangan ngengngade.

love ya + miss ya alot!

sweet cravings said...

mimi!!!!!! haha. cheh, bukan senget. the colour- bukan yg macam i idam2 kan sangat. but, it looks fine je. (kata my dad la) ain said 'akk nmpak gemuk..' benci la! bluek! :p

oh, i miss & love ya too! nnt, i'll show u the pix k? :D

nad nazira said...

vendors memang mcm2..bile tibe saat yang dinanti, semuanya kite dah tak bleh nak control, kan..yg penting kene get ready mentally to face any flaws n probs..insyaallah everything will be OK.. :)

sweet cravings said...

nad: tu la.. i agree with you dear. we have to prepare ourselves with the worst-case-scenario... karang, asik berangan everything would be perfect nnt, ade plak yang pengsan if thgs doesnt go accordingly. huhu

Anonymous said...

dear sweet carvings..

hilang ckit rs serabut kat kepala ni after i get sum info from ur blog..sush btol nk cari andam yg okey kat melaka ni.make up ok, bj plak xlawa.. since i search and survey, they said syg creations ada bj yg lawa2 tp make up xbpe nk ok..make up memg xamik kat syg creations ker?i can had headache nk pk bnda ni hehe

Hanie :)