Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Okay, dah tak sentap sangat...
but, more of sedih and disappointed.

My baju nikah yang telah dihantar pada dia since end of April kelmarin,
masih tak nampak bayang.
Not even a bit!
kali postpone the meet-ups. Ok, Diah did warned me pasal baju siap lambat...
I was prepared for that.
But not 10th January 2010 for my 1st fitting!!!!!!!!

20 days away from the actual date?
kau gile ke, hape????

I pun boleh gile la cam ni.
You pissed me off!
After this 3rd time- of excuses...
you texted me without rasa guilty pun.

Aku nak nikah sekali je seumur hidup la..
bukan tiap2 tahun macam hari raya.

But, after consultation with Diah (his previous client),
I think I'll wait.
I think laaa. tak tau nak buat ape.
Rasa bodoh sekejap.

Fine. 10th January- it is.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ulang tahun :)

Happy 1st Anniversary to us

Lama dah.
But, I think, it's happening too fast!
The unplanned merisik & engagement last year-
it was wayyy out of my plan for last year!
I thought, I nak lari, pi sambung PhD- somewhere over the seas ke...
Jadi la, another Korean drama. :D

(if you tak propose by this year laa. nasib baik you cepat bertindak. last year. hahah)

But, it'll only be another month to go to our wedding.
Banyak benda belum siap. Untouched!
I've landed on some ad-hoc work at the moment.
Hectic, it is. But, Mak said, rezeki nak kawin kot~

Happy 1st Anniversary Mister!
It has been one hectic and wonderful year with you! :)
Yep, you drive me crazy at times.
But, you were there.. keeping my feet on the ground.
You've helped me a lot.
Through the ups and downs.
With your silly jokes & funny faces-
although, sometimes... I rasa cam nak tampa you laju2.
But, you've made your way with me.

We've so many anniversary to celebrate.
The 1st time we met~ 25th June 1998
So-called-official-relationship~ 31st March 2000
Broke up in January 2005, and made up- February 2006
We got engaged last year.
Huh, banyak sangat dates.

Lepas ni, we'll stick to our wedding anniversary je la yeh? :D
Yang lain, just consider it as a bonus.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photographers and Photography

Note: This is a very long entry.
So, just bare with it! :p

Photography is one of the most crucial item in a wedding these days. We simply hire the professionals to do their job. And, I have searched high and low for the photographer/s for my upcoming wedding. Though the CS's team have stole my heart but, to hire them for three events- in Melaka; would definitely cost a bomb. Tak mampu okeh! Especially if I'd want the senior photographers and above' :p But, to those who have money allocations for it, please hire them! Hehe :D

I've started doing research ever since my engagement last year. I have put their names in 'the-list' since. Seven to six months prior the wedding, I have started contacting them; asking for quotations. But, you can do much sooner than that! Heheh. Then, I'd arrange for an appointment to meet them up- personally and see their work before hand.

Then, I have another photographers in my 'short-listed-list'. I've posted about them sometimes ago but, unfortunately... They don't seems to please me. Ye, kerja mereka bagus, for me la... but, me and Mr Fiance find it hard to deal with people whom always find excuses and delaying our appointments. Sorang tu, I had a hard time fixing a meet-up session in the first place! He simply texted me few weeks AFTER I've set an appointment with him. Boleh? He got back to me, weeks after.... Just imagine, how am I suppose to work with these people? I do respect his time but, he should respect mine too... kan? Kalau dah lama sangat baru nak response, I pun dah loose my interest. What a turn off!

Another one, I seriously LOVE his work! price dia pun not bad at all! The first meeting went very well! He has so much to offer with a very good price bargain. I knew he'd be THE ONE. But, not after when I asked for a negotiation in its pricing and conditions. He simple NEVER got back to me since! Salah sangat ke, if I asked for some negotiations? And, he never get back to me with his full and official quotation as he had promised earlier! I have made a few attempts untuk bertanya but, he just kept quiet. So, I had to chuck him out of my list too!

So, moving onto this photographer; Shazli. I've made an attempt to meet him up; to see the albums he produced. First time nampak, I thought... 'Abang ni garang!' hehe :p But, he's an easy going and a very nice guy despite of, muka garang! Heheh. Anyway, he had offered just about the same price as the second photographer that I've mentioned. (with the same output- album size, number of albums, etc). BUT! he had also suggested that we can reduce the cost by producing lesser output. (Smaller albums options). But, he was the one whom I'd find it easy to work with! What's more?! He's always there to give us good options and bargains!

Source: Shazli Photography's FB

No, I'm not here to promote him (directly) heee :P but, I just wanna share with you how I've come to decide him to be my wedding photographer- for the whole three events! :) I'd say that we have chosen him because of his personality. The humbleness and the work. But, I'd say that his street-photography is the best! So, am trying to work on his pro's and specialty ;). Tapi, dah la dia charge murah, and last week... he had offered me and Mr Fiance for a FREE pre- wedding photo shoot! Something that I've never planned. Suke gile okeh! Sapa tak suka free- stuffs? :P We'll definitely take the opportunity because I think that we'll need to be more familiar with him and his camera! haha. :D

So, choose wisely folks! If you have the opportunity to splurge on a photographer, you may do so. Get those with good testimonials & work pieces la. I personally love CS and Nurul Shuhaimi, Anna Rina, Hafiz Ismail, Shahrin Aziz. But on the other hand, there are also loads of other talented and great photographers who can work within your budget AND yet, able to deliver great work, being humble and funny like Abang Shazli. Haha (Abang leh kasi extra output untuk promosi free ni ok!) :D hee.

Till then, later folks! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I need help!

After some thoughts, we have decided to go on a local honeymoon trip instead of elsewhere. Although, the Bali package is cheaper and sangat mengiurkan but, ramai tak kasi pergi with the reason of, Mother Nature ain't doing well there. :p
And, despite of the keinginan yang megila for us to have a Euro trip, we have to put it aside too because, I am currently unemployed. Hahaha.

So, now....
me and Mr Fiance are planning to go to Sabah for our honeymoon trip.
(but, not Sipadan or Semporna at the moment. It's totally out of our budget! Hee)

pic from here

So, my dear friends....

I really and seriously need some recommendations on the accommodations part. We've browsed through Air Asia's Go Holiday packages and Mr Fiance said, mungkin tak de beza sangat if we book the place on our own.
suggestion ke kawan- kawan- on how to make the best & cheapest deal? :p

By the way, through the Go-Holiday recommendations, we are very much interested into; Shangri- La's Tanjung Aru and Nexus, Karambunai for the beach-y and romantic feeling. Hehehe :D
(Mungkin boleh buat larian di tepian pantai & re-do the video clip untuk lagu Kak Nita & Sudirman- Bercanda di Pasiran Pantai?? hee)

But, kalau dalam town pun okay kot...
we are also considering Hyatt and Le Meridien into our honeymoon trip- list.

So, which one would you recommend?
Or there's better place to stay?

Oh, please help.

Till then, later folks! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There'll always be the first of everything :p

Erk, Salam Aidiladha folks! :) Sorry lambat wish but I guess, my lappie is not my best friend I have at the moment. Heheh. (After years, I can actually be parted from it for more than 24 hours :p)

Anyhow, I just wanna tell you that, me and Mr Fiance went to our first fitting @ Sayang Creations. The bridal boutique that will be in-charge of my reception dress, pelamin, accesories, etc. The result is, errr.. okay la. I have lowered down my expectations way before I went to the place. Knowing that, I didn't have the time to meet them up before proceeding with the exact thing. So... in the end, the colour of the dress was a bit 'white-ish' for my liking. However! The beading on the dress excites me. Hahah. Boleh ke? Hee.

I remember about Kiree's post on the boutique. Honestly, when I read the thing, I was freaking out. But, there are also some things that I have learnt. Kurangkan my expectations yang menggunung and try to communicate better- kot. Huhuhu

I guess, we can't avoid the 'vendors-from-hell' thingy. Mesti ada part yang kureng, tak banyak pun, mungkin ada sikit. But, I guess... you gotta know how to deal with it la kot. Kan? Kan? Huhuh.

Till then, later folks! :)