Thursday, October 28, 2010

Come & Go

Just a quick update.
I have given birth to our little precious princess on October 18th.
Nur Kamilia was weighted 3.2kg and 48cm when she was born.
She's an angel, indeed...
I feel blessed the moment she was in my arms
along with a loving and a supportive husband.


So, now me and my husband are trying to cope with parenthood.
Its tough.
Its tiring.

but, we're loving it! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Antenatal Classes

Me and my husband went for the Antenatal Class last Saturday. Sama dengan si ibu manis; Hanie! What a co- incident! Tak perasan mula- mula. Tetiba, toleh sebelah 'Mira eh?'. Hehe. The last time and the first time we met masa Ashylla's wedding last February. Dah lama dah. Anyway, we went to the one in KPJ Selangor. For RM80 per couple, I'd say it was worth every cent! Trust me! :p

The price was inclusive of the 3 meals (makan pagi, lunch & minum petang)- as the class was held from 9am-6pm. So, tak perlu risau about getting hungry ye mommies?! ;) Next to that, you'll be getting the notes that will be presented to you plus, a travel pack toiletries from Johnson & Johnson. Best! :)

Its a must- go not because of these things la. Its a bonus la but, being pregnant for your first child, I'm sure there are a whole loads of things that we need to know. Yes, you need to read, search and ask people who have been there. But I guess, in this class.. its kind of a holistic approach to the teachings. Percayalah that some of the things that our grandmothers & mothers had taught us ada buruk baiknya. All with the scientific explanations! Bagus kan? The real- life videos were really an-eye-opener. Kalau tak, I wouldn't think of Google-ing those things. Like Hanie said, Puan Faridah was so darn good at handling the class. She had made the class very lively and direct.

Oh, they even teach you on the exercising part! How the husbands can help the wives with simple massages, etc. Heheh. Seronok!! Even my husband had a great time attending it. Dia siap promote to his friends and pregnant colleagues! So, ladies- mommies to be, do sign up for it! This is the cheapest and the best deal in town that I can find! Like, seriously! The ones that I have browsed through would costs you more than RM100 but this is only at RM80 per couple. So, grab the chance ya. Plus, you should go early. I think, the sooner it is, the better it will be for you. So, here's a bit on what is antenatal class about and why you should attend one! :)

Antenatal classes may come in various forms, but all have the same aim - to help prepare you for labor, birth and early parenthood. Antenatal classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy and forthcoming labor and birth, but they also have a great social function - they're a great place to meet other parents-to-be.
The content of the classes will vary, but should include some of the following:
• care during pregnancy
• information about the process of labor and childbirth
• a general idea of medical procedures and interventions
• the latest research suggestions about possible physical, mental and emotional preparations for labor and childbirth
• advice on relaxation techniques
• the opportunity to discuss the options of different labor and positions
• a guide to pain relief choices
• the chance to learn and try out massage skills and breathing techniques during labor
• the time to ask questions and rehearse the possible decisions you may have to make during the course of your labor
• some indication of the changes you might experience after the birth and in early parenthood
breastfeeding and some aspects of newborn care

Whatever the class, the idea is that both you and your husband will acquire the skills and confidence needed to make birth a positive experience.

Source from here.

Until the, later folks! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love: 2

To my dearest baby.

Do note that Mummy loves you dearly
No matter what happens or would happen to me;
you need to know that and, no less; my dear sweetie.

When I say things on about the changes I'm facing
I never put the censure on you
Not close, not even a bit!
Its just the 'jakun' thing I'm going through.

You're my first one.
Thus, I have loads to be amazed about!
One day, I shall tell straight to your face
Until then, let me just treasure it, ye sayang?

Every different form that I'm in; I always feel glad to have you.
Despite of the heavier weight and aches that I have to carry for these few more months,
I would honor you with all my pride.
Though, I'd like to apologize if I'm being too soft in handing that.

Mummy loves you very much- always!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27th week

Time flies so fast! Sekejapan je 27 weeks. Gosh! I am in my third trimester!
Am super excited for the baby to come out yet, am very nervous about it. What to expect? What to do when my little one is out...?


But, am all excited about it... its normal aite? :p

Well, there's nothing much to say. I'm getting heavier but, most people said that I don't look like pregnant- dari belakang la. They say I don't put on weight but, HELLO... ! My weight dah naik almost 10kg since I've found out that I'm pregnant :p

Me- at my 25th week of pregnancy & my siblings.

I can't fit into Baju Kurung anymore. I can only wear my Yoga pants and those of my maternity pants & cloths. I need to wear my husband's tees these days. :D The bad news is that, I have bought 2 pasang kain ela for my Hari Raya. But then, masa nak tempah, I ended up having dilemma. I can't be making baju kurung yang besar!! Siapa nak pakai afterwards?
So, my Mom and husband said, tak payah buat baju dulu. Just wear those maternity clothes for raya. Sobs. I wanted to have a caftan but, dah tak sempat nak tempah. Sedih je. But, its ok. I guess, I'd be bringing my bulging tummy to parade for Raya- instead of a baju. Hee.

Ok, tu je nak cakap. I kindda have the mood to blog but sometimes, I think I'm not ready to share it in here. I guess, this won't be a bride's blog anymore. I'm slowly turning into a journal... Huhuh. Sorry if I bore you to death!

Until then, later folks! :)

ps/ I hope I'm rajin enough to blog blog more often. I guess, I have loads to share about my pregnancy & preps for it... and, my wedding. Blerghh! Dah nak beranak baru nak cerita. Blame it on the hormone! :p

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me with the laundry.
Thank you for letting me sit and, watch you paint.
Thank you for doing the dishes.
Thank you for doing the house cleaning.
All at times when I feel sick and non- movable from the bed.

Thank you for the food treats.
Thank you for all the take-aways.
Thank you for driving through the drive- thru's.
Thank you for eating whatever I cook.
All at times when I feel down.

I may need your continuous support, love and care.
Not only while I'm pregnant but, all the way through.
But as for now, I just want to thank- you.
For all the things you did in helping me get through.

And for all these and more, I do love you!! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love- First Half

This is my 21st week of being pregnant :)
I am enjoying it very much!
I'm less than a half way there
and may things would be at ease at all time.

This is for my baby.
You might ended up bumping and reading your Mummy's blog soon.

When I first knew you're in my tummy, I actually shed tears for you
not because I hate you but, because I'm amazed by you
I saw a tiny dot on the doctor's screen and, it makes my heart leap
How happy I was to know that I'll be becoming a Mommy!

When I first saw your heartbeat, I was relieved!
Knowing that you're well kept inside me
I went through a lot of pain and yes, I did complained
But my dear, I just want you to be just as a healthy one despite of my twinges.

I was so contented to see your developing arms and legs
I can't stop smiling by the look of you- stretching inside of me
My pain and dizziness start to fade away
And this time, I was hoping and so excited to feel your first move.

I remember when I started to 'feel' you!
but, I was so eager to actually 'see' you do that
and, the first kick you've made my tummy bulged a bit;
it made me laughed and had even asked you to do it again!

Gosh, you're growing fast!
This is indeed a lifetime experience for me and your dad
We can just lay down and wait for you to move
Just to know that you're well and kicking!

I'll be seeing you in less than four months time, InsyAllah
We will never stop praying for your good health and being in me
and, even when you're out :)
I just want you to know that me and dad love you more everyday!

Much Love, Mummy :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silly me~

I don't know why, but I have the urge to plan for my baby's cukur jambul or akikah already.


I was thinking about the door gifts, the flowers and all the things!!


Silly me.
Ada lagi five months to go...

I should just start shopping- instead. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It feels weird that I'm blogging! Seriously... I don't know where to start -_-"

I think, I'm gonna start sharing some of my wedding pics. Especially from the Solemnization ceremony because, many had asked about Nik Erwan's dress that I wore during the event. Its a kurung modern; made up with plain chiffon with lace patches on the chest and around the bottom of the kurung. It had pearly beads and diamante detailing on the lace pathches and, I had a trained kain which I love but, unfortunately, I can't find the pic but, once I've find it, I'll update this post... k?

Here are some close- up pics:

This is at the back of the kurung- the detailing of the beads are not as 'merrier' as the one in thr front side.

He even did my veil and, it came with diamanted Arianni's tudung! :) At the price I've paid, I believed it was worth every cent! (despite of having some late delivery :p) I was head over heel over the kurung moden. I still am but, obviously... it would not fit me now but, me and my bff rasa macam nak buat wedding anniversary shoots in our baju nikah. So, harus lah keep the figure just about the same. We'll see, then. Heee :)

Since I've been entering my second trimester... I kindda feel a bit better- in term of health but, unfortunately for me, my emotional state is still imbalance. Truthfully, I shed tears easily. Even at the slightest matter. I know I sound pathetic but, am learning to change that. I'm not gonna let my baby be a mushy person. I want my child to be bubbly! Like I used to~ :)

I easily miss home. I really do. Some things have changed. I can't simply go back when I want to although I have no plans of going out during the weekends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my little secret

I don't have the mood to blog! I don't have the mood to update my FB. I don't have the mood to go online for hours; like I did before.*Sigh*

To Qistin: Selamat Pengantin Baru, dear! May you'll have a happy and blessed wedded life. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it to your wedding, dear. Hubby was working and it's kindda hard for him to get leaves these days sebab dia dah cuti kahwin macam orang cuti berpantang. Huhu.

My hubby always ask 'You dah update blog?' and, my answers are always the same. 'Tak, I malas' :p Oh, and hubby once said; 'Tak baik la you tak update blog, nanti... apa kata your readers and blogger lain!' Haha. Kelakar.

I know, I need to do the post mortem of my wedding. Many had asked about Sayang Creations and my baju nikah. Can I elaborate the details a bit later, please? Oh, by the way, my nikah dress was made by Nik Erwan Roseli. Yes, I blogged and complained about him in my previous post but the result of my dress was absolutely stunning! I was speechless over the details! (despite of, dia hantar almost 12am on my nikah- day!) Heee. Anyhow, I love the dress to bits! I'd recommend him but,you may want to expect a great delay of the outcome! Hee

Sayang Creations was okay. I love the dress though but, I had expected more in something else. Although people said it was okay- the flowers looks fine and all tapi, I had a hard time to get over it. Haha.

By the way, just to share you my little secret.........

I'm 6-7 weeks pregnant. :)
I'm having mood swings. Nausea and all.
The morning sickness is there but, on-and-off. I eat a lot.
A few of my pants dah muat- muat je!
I hate the fact that I need to buy any size larger than 'S'! *Ngee*
and the toilet is like the best place to be at the moment.

Okay, I hope I'd be well enough to update my blog asap.

Till then, later folks! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm officially married!

Here's one unofficial pic- taken from my brother. I love em! :)

Ok, dah lebih dari seminggu semenjak dinikahkan dengan my hubby. My fellow bloggers dah buat entry dah.. :"> malu je.. Oh well, do excuse me.... pengantin baru baru balik dari honeymoon. Hee.

Before anything else, I'd like to make a Grammy- Award- speech. Please :p

I'd like to thank my dearest parents & family. I couldn't have all these without you! You have helped so much in putting up my dream wedding! I didn't have a super lavish or an expensive wedding. Just an ordinary one but, it was the one that I've wanted. Yes, there minor glitches here and there however... it went well- all the way. :) To my miss bridesmaids; Tati & Illiani, you've both done your job tremendously well! And I do love each one of you! ;)

To my darlings; Mimi, Siti & Reen- thanks for coming for the Nikah's event. Sara and Intan; I just have to mention your names cuz you're my dear friends and fellow bloggers too! So, ada la 'extra' credit. Hehe. As to the rest of my friends & family... I just wanna thank-you for attending my wedding. And, to my Fara, Phia, Anil and Q&A- thank you so much for coming all the way to my family's home in Jasin... ;)

Oh, to my photographer- Abg Shazli & friends... Thank you so much for your determination & enthusiasm in doing our wedding photography. Dari pre- wedding hari tu... I just have to thank Razali & Akmal for all your effort! Me and Zaky couldn't thank you enough! Semoga rezeki kalian bertambah with all your photography works! :)

Oh, banyak je lagi... sampai lusa pun tak habis nak berterima kasih kat orang- orang :p.

Till then, later folks! I'll be updating soon. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Save the date!

Dear readers,

I am currently working on my e- invitation slide.

And as for now, I'm in no mood for blogging. :p


For those yang sudi mahu ke majlis-yang-tak-seberapa saya, di Jasin, Melaka...
Please drop me your name and address for me to send the card.

Or else, you can send me a direct mail to:

ASAP- cuz I need to send them out by this week!
Thank you :)

Save the date

(This is not taken by my official-wedding-photographer-
but, its taken by my brother and his friend...
Two young and talented people!
:) )


Credits to Faiz Mustaza & Syakirah Ahmad

Thats all for now.

Till then, later folks! :)