Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm officially married!

Here's one unofficial pic- taken from my brother. I love em! :)

Ok, dah lebih dari seminggu semenjak dinikahkan dengan my hubby. My fellow bloggers dah buat entry dah.. :"> malu je.. Oh well, do excuse me.... pengantin baru baru balik dari honeymoon. Hee.

Before anything else, I'd like to make a Grammy- Award- speech. Please :p

I'd like to thank my dearest parents & family. I couldn't have all these without you! You have helped so much in putting up my dream wedding! I didn't have a super lavish or an expensive wedding. Just an ordinary one but, it was the one that I've wanted. Yes, there minor glitches here and there however... it went well- all the way. :) To my miss bridesmaids; Tati & Illiani, you've both done your job tremendously well! And I do love each one of you! ;)

To my darlings; Mimi, Siti & Reen- thanks for coming for the Nikah's event. Sara and Intan; I just have to mention your names cuz you're my dear friends and fellow bloggers too! So, ada la 'extra' credit. Hehe. As to the rest of my friends & family... I just wanna thank-you for attending my wedding. And, to my Fara, Phia, Anil and Q&A- thank you so much for coming all the way to my family's home in Jasin... ;)

Oh, to my photographer- Abg Shazli & friends... Thank you so much for your determination & enthusiasm in doing our wedding photography. Dari pre- wedding hari tu... I just have to thank Razali & Akmal for all your effort! Me and Zaky couldn't thank you enough! Semoga rezeki kalian bertambah with all your photography works! :)

Oh, banyak je lagi... sampai lusa pun tak habis nak berterima kasih kat orang- orang :p.

Till then, later folks! I'll be updating soon. :)