Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my little secret

I don't have the mood to blog! I don't have the mood to update my FB. I don't have the mood to go online for hours; like I did before.*Sigh*

To Qistin: Selamat Pengantin Baru, dear! May you'll have a happy and blessed wedded life. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it to your wedding, dear. Hubby was working and it's kindda hard for him to get leaves these days sebab dia dah cuti kahwin macam orang cuti berpantang. Huhu.

My hubby always ask 'You dah update blog?' and, my answers are always the same. 'Tak, I malas' :p Oh, and hubby once said; 'Tak baik la you tak update blog, nanti... apa kata your readers and blogger lain!' Haha. Kelakar.

I know, I need to do the post mortem of my wedding. Many had asked about Sayang Creations and my baju nikah. Can I elaborate the details a bit later, please? Oh, by the way, my nikah dress was made by Nik Erwan Roseli. Yes, I blogged and complained about him in my previous post but the result of my dress was absolutely stunning! I was speechless over the details! (despite of, dia hantar almost 12am on my nikah- day!) Heee. Anyhow, I love the dress to bits! I'd recommend him but,you may want to expect a great delay of the outcome! Hee

Sayang Creations was okay. I love the dress though but, I had expected more in something else. Although people said it was okay- the flowers looks fine and all tapi, I had a hard time to get over it. Haha.

By the way, just to share you my little secret.........

I'm 6-7 weeks pregnant. :)
I'm having mood swings. Nausea and all.
The morning sickness is there but, on-and-off. I eat a lot.
A few of my pants dah muat- muat je!
I hate the fact that I need to buy any size larger than 'S'! *Ngee*
and the toilet is like the best place to be at the moment.

Okay, I hope I'd be well enough to update my blog asap.

Till then, later folks! :)