Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silly me~

I don't know why, but I have the urge to plan for my baby's cukur jambul or akikah already.


I was thinking about the door gifts, the flowers and all the things!!


Silly me.
Ada lagi five months to go...

I should just start shopping- instead. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It feels weird that I'm blogging! Seriously... I don't know where to start -_-"

I think, I'm gonna start sharing some of my wedding pics. Especially from the Solemnization ceremony because, many had asked about Nik Erwan's dress that I wore during the event. Its a kurung modern; made up with plain chiffon with lace patches on the chest and around the bottom of the kurung. It had pearly beads and diamante detailing on the lace pathches and, I had a trained kain which I love but, unfortunately, I can't find the pic but, once I've find it, I'll update this post... k?

Here are some close- up pics:

This is at the back of the kurung- the detailing of the beads are not as 'merrier' as the one in thr front side.

He even did my veil and, it came with diamanted Arianni's tudung! :) At the price I've paid, I believed it was worth every cent! (despite of having some late delivery :p) I was head over heel over the kurung moden. I still am but, obviously... it would not fit me now but, me and my bff rasa macam nak buat wedding anniversary shoots in our baju nikah. So, harus lah keep the figure just about the same. We'll see, then. Heee :)

Since I've been entering my second trimester... I kindda feel a bit better- in term of health but, unfortunately for me, my emotional state is still imbalance. Truthfully, I shed tears easily. Even at the slightest matter. I know I sound pathetic but, am learning to change that. I'm not gonna let my baby be a mushy person. I want my child to be bubbly! Like I used to~ :)

I easily miss home. I really do. Some things have changed. I can't simply go back when I want to although I have no plans of going out during the weekends.