Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love- First Half

This is my 21st week of being pregnant :)
I am enjoying it very much!
I'm less than a half way there
and may things would be at ease at all time.

This is for my baby.
You might ended up bumping and reading your Mummy's blog soon.

When I first knew you're in my tummy, I actually shed tears for you
not because I hate you but, because I'm amazed by you
I saw a tiny dot on the doctor's screen and, it makes my heart leap
How happy I was to know that I'll be becoming a Mommy!

When I first saw your heartbeat, I was relieved!
Knowing that you're well kept inside me
I went through a lot of pain and yes, I did complained
But my dear, I just want you to be just as a healthy one despite of my twinges.

I was so contented to see your developing arms and legs
I can't stop smiling by the look of you- stretching inside of me
My pain and dizziness start to fade away
And this time, I was hoping and so excited to feel your first move.

I remember when I started to 'feel' you!
but, I was so eager to actually 'see' you do that
and, the first kick you've made my tummy bulged a bit;
it made me laughed and had even asked you to do it again!

Gosh, you're growing fast!
This is indeed a lifetime experience for me and your dad
We can just lay down and wait for you to move
Just to know that you're well and kicking!

I'll be seeing you in less than four months time, InsyAllah
We will never stop praying for your good health and being in me
and, even when you're out :)
I just want you to know that me and dad love you more everyday!

Much Love, Mummy :)