Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27th week

Time flies so fast! Sekejapan je 27 weeks. Gosh! I am in my third trimester!
Am super excited for the baby to come out yet, am very nervous about it. What to expect? What to do when my little one is out...?


But, am all excited about it... its normal aite? :p

Well, there's nothing much to say. I'm getting heavier but, most people said that I don't look like pregnant- dari belakang la. They say I don't put on weight but, HELLO... ! My weight dah naik almost 10kg since I've found out that I'm pregnant :p

Me- at my 25th week of pregnancy & my siblings.

I can't fit into Baju Kurung anymore. I can only wear my Yoga pants and those of my maternity pants & cloths. I need to wear my husband's tees these days. :D The bad news is that, I have bought 2 pasang kain ela for my Hari Raya. But then, masa nak tempah, I ended up having dilemma. I can't be making baju kurung yang besar!! Siapa nak pakai afterwards?
So, my Mom and husband said, tak payah buat baju dulu. Just wear those maternity clothes for raya. Sobs. I wanted to have a caftan but, dah tak sempat nak tempah. Sedih je. But, its ok. I guess, I'd be bringing my bulging tummy to parade for Raya- instead of a baju. Hee.

Ok, tu je nak cakap. I kindda have the mood to blog but sometimes, I think I'm not ready to share it in here. I guess, this won't be a bride's blog anymore. I'm slowly turning into a journal... Huhuh. Sorry if I bore you to death!

Until then, later folks! :)

ps/ I hope I'm rajin enough to blog blog more often. I guess, I have loads to share about my pregnancy & preps for it... and, my wedding. Blerghh! Dah nak beranak baru nak cerita. Blame it on the hormone! :p

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me with the laundry.
Thank you for letting me sit and, watch you paint.
Thank you for doing the dishes.
Thank you for doing the house cleaning.
All at times when I feel sick and non- movable from the bed.

Thank you for the food treats.
Thank you for all the take-aways.
Thank you for driving through the drive- thru's.
Thank you for eating whatever I cook.
All at times when I feel down.

I may need your continuous support, love and care.
Not only while I'm pregnant but, all the way through.
But as for now, I just want to thank- you.
For all the things you did in helping me get through.

And for all these and more, I do love you!! :)