Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thank you.

Thank you for helping me with the laundry.
Thank you for letting me sit and, watch you paint.
Thank you for doing the dishes.
Thank you for doing the house cleaning.
All at times when I feel sick and non- movable from the bed.

Thank you for the food treats.
Thank you for all the take-aways.
Thank you for driving through the drive- thru's.
Thank you for eating whatever I cook.
All at times when I feel down.

I may need your continuous support, love and care.
Not only while I'm pregnant but, all the way through.
But as for now, I just want to thank- you.
For all the things you did in helping me get through.

And for all these and more, I do love you!! :)


MyRule said...

So sweet..:)

phia said...


i know to write poem with actions :D

sweet cravings said...

thank you girls :)

phia: action lagi penting sebenarnye :p

harzharun said...