Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love: 2

To my dearest baby.

Do note that Mummy loves you dearly
No matter what happens or would happen to me;
you need to know that and, no less; my dear sweetie.

When I say things on about the changes I'm facing
I never put the censure on you
Not close, not even a bit!
Its just the 'jakun' thing I'm going through.

You're my first one.
Thus, I have loads to be amazed about!
One day, I shall tell straight to your face
Until then, let me just treasure it, ye sayang?

Every different form that I'm in; I always feel glad to have you.
Despite of the heavier weight and aches that I have to carry for these few more months,
I would honor you with all my pride.
Though, I'd like to apologize if I'm being too soft in handing that.

Mummy loves you very much- always!


nUR_rOsALiNdA said...

Take care dear~

phia said...

:") *like*

harzharun said...

jaga kesihatan tau mommy...

cik_ah82 said...

take care tau..
nnt kami akan gi tgk zaky jr lak..xsabarnya!

sweet cravings said...

Aww, thank you all :)

sweet cravings said...

sara: hehe. insyAllah. hujung oct nanti. tp, mira b'pantang kat melaka. so, lps pantang la kot. zaky ade cakap nak ajak korang makan da brapa kali ntah tp, takde pun plan yg betul2. heheh. marah dia :p