Thursday, October 28, 2010

Come & Go

Just a quick update.
I have given birth to our little precious princess on October 18th.
Nur Kamilia was weighted 3.2kg and 48cm when she was born.
She's an angel, indeed...
I feel blessed the moment she was in my arms
along with a loving and a supportive husband.


So, now me and my husband are trying to cope with parenthood.
Its tough.
Its tiring.

but, we're loving it! :)


BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

congrats mira!! cepat2 share Kamilia's pic..xsbr nak tgk... :) :)

Qis said...

CONGRATES, mira dear!!!

why the long silence...?
*nak tgk kamilia sikit...

sueanne sunshine said...

huge congratss to u. such a bundle of joy kan? i cant take my eyes of my little girl too..just too precious!

all the best. enjoy the mummyhood!post photos of your angel pls..

phia said...

happy for u mira. take care!


Mrs Nageb said...

congrats dear :) welcome to parenthood :)

dialicious said...

congrats dear!sorri i ketinggalan sket..nmpk mommy kecik je tp bole tahan baby tomey!enjoy d motherhood!

[ Hanie ] said...

congrats mira :)
dah slamat yer..alhamdulillah :)
slamat berpantang..nnt share la crita u k

K-Baby said...

Hi Mommy,
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aurinh said...

congrats dear new mummy!!!
piccies of the new baby

Fathiyah said...

congrate mira!
nnt share ur baby pics ok.hehe